Where is organic climbing located?

Where is organic climbing located?

Organic Climbing earned its reputation for high-quality soft goods by using strong Cordura fabrics, expert sewers, and technical advice from top climbers. Rural Philipsburg, Pa., may seem an odd locale for this outdoor-oriented company, but the area’s robust textile industry made it an ideal spot for manufacturing.

How long does organic climbing shipping take?

A quick ship option, for those looking for the highest quality pad fast. We have these pre-sewn and will process and ship out of our workshop in 1-2 business days.

How much does it cost to ship a crash pad?


Standard Shipping Skinny Pad 4.6 lb – 10.9 lb $29.00
Standard Shipping Crash Pad 3X4 11 lb – 13 lb $49.00
Standard Shipping Crash Pad 3X4+ 13.1 lb – 15.9 lb $59.00
Standard Shipping Crash Pad 4X4 16 lb – 18 lb $69.00
Standard Shipping Crash Pad 4X4+ 18.1 lb – 23.9 lb $79.00

How do you clean an organic crash pad?

Cleaning your Pad

  1. Open the velcro seam and remove the landing foam inside.
  2. With the shell empty, fill your bathtub with COLD water, or another large bucket with water and a small amount of laundry detergent.

Are organic crash pads worth it?

They are worth it. I burned through two madrock pads (don’t hate they turn into couches) each within 2ish years. The organic pad I now have is much higher more durable quality that is built to last.

How many crash pads do I need for bouldering?

The higher the boulder, the harder the impact of the fall. So even if a landing is quite flat, you may want to make your landing two or three crash pads deep. That said, as you add pads, you can lose stability and gaps between pads get deeper so you need to take extra care with tips 1. to 3.

What’s a crash pad?

1 : protective padding (as on the inside of an automobile or a tank) 2 : a place to stay temporarily.

How long does a crash pad last?

How long does a bouldering crash pad last? The quality of a crash pad only becomes apparent over time – for example, when the mat still absorbs enough impact energy after 100 days of bouldering. At the same time, the cover and carrying system should also be able to withstand the strain.

How do you store bouldering crash pads?

How to Store Your Bouldering Mat? Make your foam last longer by storing both taco and hinge style crash pads open and flat. Easier said than done when you’re already fighting for space at home, but when the result is even more years of bouldering abuse it’s well worth it.

What is the biggest crash pad?

Best Large Crash Pad: Black Diamond Mondo The Mondo is not just large, it’s huge. It measures 44 inches wide by 65 inches long for a total 2,860 square inches of coverage. The foam inside it is five inches thick, the thickest you’ll usually see on the market.

Do you need a crash pad for bouldering?

Bouldering requires significantly less gear than other forms of rock climbing. In fact, if you plan to boulder indoors at a gym, all you really need is a pair of climbing shoes, which you can usually rent at the gym. If you’re headed outdoors, you’ll also need a crash pad to cushion your falls.

How much do crash pads weigh?

Bouldering Crash Pad Comparison Table

Crash Pad Price Weight
Petzl Alto $300 12 lb. 9 oz.
Metolius Recon $280 14 lb. 5 oz.
Mad Rock Mad Pad $179 13 lb. 13 oz.
Send Climbing 3×4 Pro $299 12 lb. 10 oz.