Where can I watch Dil Dosti Dance Episodes?

Where can I watch Dil Dosti Dance Episodes?

Watch Dil Dostii Dance All Latest Episodes on Disney+ Hotstar.

How did Dil Dosti Dance end?

Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Kriya perform their last romantic dance for DDLJ song where they act like Raj and Simran. Rey proposes Kriya but she refuses to accept his proposal. She thinks that Rey loves someone else. But later, Rey tells Kriya that he loves only her and no one in his life except her.

When was Dil Dosti Dance ended?

January 9, 2015
Dil Dostii Dance/Final episode date

Popular youth based show of Channel V Dil Dostii Dance will end on 9th January 2015. The end of Dil Dostii Dance will filled with romance, dance and reunion of lead characters.

How does Dil Dosti Dance end?

When did Dil Dosti Dance start?

April 11, 2011
Dil Dostii Dance/First episode date
19 mins approx. D3: Dil Dosti Dance is an Indian dance fiction television series that premiered on Channel V on 11 April 2011.

What kind of show is Dil dostii dance?

A dance-based show that traces the journey of a college students and their passion for dance, as they wade through emotions around love and friendship.

Who is Kria in Dil Dosti Dance with?

Kriya also learns about Swayam Shekhawat ( Shantanu Maheshwari ), an excellent student as well as a superb dancer ragged by the Dazzlers but hopelessly in love with Sharon. Driven by her love for Dance, Kria becomes determined to establish her dance team and compete against the Dazzlers in Footloose auditions.

Who is Sharon’s cousin in Dil Dosti Dance?

Though she never acknowledges it, Sharon does have feelings for Swayam. After the gang’s return from Goa, where Sharon renewed her confidence, Taani enters. Taani is Swayam’s cousin and loves Rey, a feeling so strong that it compels her to come from Jodhpur to Mumbai.

Who is Karan Malik in Dil Dosti Dance?

Professor Karan Malik ( Karan Singh Grover) enters St. Louis college, and instantly all the girls start swooning over him. He tries to create peace between the two groups through various tasks and activities until the confession task.