Where can I buy lye water in Philippines?

Where can I buy lye water in Philippines?

You can buy it in palengkeng bayan if you’re in Philippines they call it “Lihia” in Filipino. For other countries, you can buy it in asian stores, or Filipino Online stores near your area. You can also buy it in Lazada or Shopee for Cash on Delivery Payment Nationwide.

What is a good substitute for lye water?

It can be replaced by a homemade version made from two extremely common ingredients – baking soda and water. There are two approaches to making alkaline solution at home: one that uses baking soda and one that uses baked baking soda. However, baked baking soda is recommended for both mooncake and ramen making.

How do you make lye water?

It’s very easy, and inexpensive, to prepare a homemade version as a substitute. You only need two ingredients for homemade lye water: Baked baking soda and water. Mix them at a 1:4 ratio. Then you’re ready to use it!

What is lye water used for?

Lye water is an ingredient used in Asian and African cooking for cooking meat, rice or noodles and vegetables like corn, beans, maize or okra to soften or add flavour or keep vegetables colour. It is usually added as part of the recipe in small amounts (spoonfuls).

Is lye water poisonous?

Lye Water (sometimes called “Lime Water”) is caustic or corrosive liquid, which means it can corrode or ‘eat away’ solid objects. It is also a poison. If it is used in the wrong way, it can injure people or make people sick. for baking • to make soap • to straighten hair.

How long does lye water last?

The shelf life of lye, sodium hydroxide, when properly stored is one year. After a year it is possible for your lye to work, but you should do a small batch to test whether the lye is still good. If it is actually expired, then it may not come to trace quickly or could separate after it is poured or set up.

Is lye the same as baking soda?

Lye is a stronger alkaline than baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, with a pH reading ranging from around 13 to 14. Its base of sodium hydroxide is created commercially by the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution, as well as reacting calcium hydroxide with sodium carbonate, according to the FDA.

Can you buy lye at the grocery store?

Lye used to be available in the supermarket but not anymore. You might be able to find it in some hardware stores often in the drain cleaning section next to the Draino. If you can’t find lye for soapmaking locally, do not worry there are plenty of online stores where you can get it.

Can you make lye at home?

To make lye in the kitchen, boil the ashes from a hardwood fire (soft woods are too resinous to mix with fat) in a little soft water, rain water is best, for about half an hour. Allow the ashes to settle to the bottom of the pan and then skim the liquid lye off the top. The lye will eat right through `em!

Can you drink lye water?

If you (or a child) drink undiluted Lye Water (straight from the bottle), it can badly burn your mouth, throat and stomach, and/or make you sick. If Lye Water is splashed onto your skin it can badly burn you. If it is splashed into your eyes, it can hurt your eyes and might make you blind.

What happens when you mix lye and water?

Mixing water and lye creates an exothermic reaction that causes a dramatic temperature increase. Adding lye to room temperature water can cause the water to reach temperatures up to 200 ° F. The mixture also creates fumes, which should not be inhaled.