What years did Man Utd win the Premier League?

What years did Man Utd win the Premier League?

The 2012-13 season was the last time Manchester United won the Premier League. They finished 11 points clear of second-place Manchester City, having secured the title with four games to spare.

What seasons have Man Utd won the Premier League?

Seven clubs have won the title: Manchester United (13 times), Chelsea (5), Manchester City (5), Arsenal (3), Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City and Liverpool (1): Manchester United was the first club to win the league three consecutive seasons twice (1998–99 to 2000–01 and 2006–07 to 2008–09) and Arsenal was the only …

What have Manchester United won in the last 10 years?

Manchester United – 6 Major Trophies Nonetheless, they have not been as prolific in terms of silverware in the last 10 years. To date they’ve won one Europa League (2016/17), three Premier League titles (2010/11, 2012/13), one FA Cup (2015/16), and had three League Cup (2010, 2017) successes over the last decade.

When was last time Man Utd won a trophy?

May 2017
Their most recent trophy came in May 2017, when they won the UEFA Europa League.

Who won most Premier League titles?

Manchester United
Premier League titles won from 1889 to 2021, by club

Characteristic Number of titles
Manchester United 20
Liverpool FC 19
Arsenal FC 13
Everton FC 9

How long did Manchester United go without winning the league?

Although a long streak, United’s 41 years without a title is most likely forgotten just for the fact that it was such a long time ago, and the club has won 18 English titles since.

When did Manchester United play in the Premier League?

2013–14 Manchester United F.C. season. The 2013–14 season was Manchester United’s 22nd season in the Premier League, and their 39th consecutive season in the top-flight of English football.

Who was the manager of Manchester United in 2013?

Each announcement was accompanied with the naming of their successors, who would take over on 1 July 2013. David Moyes, aged 50, manager of Everton and a Scotsman like Ferguson, was appointed as the new United manager. Ed Woodward assumed the top executive role at United, although he retained the title of executive vice-chairman.

When did Sir Alex Ferguson retire as Manchester United manager?

It was a period of change for United’s staff. In May 2013, manager Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement after 26 years of service, having just won his 13th Premier League title that season and United’s 20th overall.

When was the first season of the Premier League?

Sir Alex Ferguson was the man who masterminded the triumph in the inaugural Premier League season, in 1992/93.