What was the population of China in 2016 millions?

What was the population of China in 2016 millions?

Total population of China from 1980 to 2020 with forecasts until 2026 (in millions)

Characteristic Population in millions
2018 1,395.38
2017 1,390.08
2016 1,382.71
2015 1,374.62

What is the population of crores in China?

It now stands at 141.2 crore people, with the rate of growth falling for the fourth consecutive year. Last year, 1.2 crore babies were born in China, down from 1.465 crore in 2019 — a fall of 18 per cent in one year, as per census data released by its National Bureau of Statistics.

How much of the world’s population does China account for?

The median age of the world’s population was estimated to be 30.4 years in 2018….10 most populous countries.

Rank 1
Country China
Population 1,409,638,640
% of world 17.9%
Date 8 Sep 2021

Can China overtake us?

The Chinese economy — in nominal U.S. dollar terms — is projected to overtake the U.S. around 2032 and become the world’s largest, said Baptist. Helen Qiao, head of Asia economics at Bank of America Global Research, told CNBC last month China’s economy would surpass the U.S. around 2027 to 2028.

What was the population of China in 2015?

The number of population who live in places other than their household registration area reached 294 million, of which 247 million were floating population . The life expectancy was 76.34 years. At the end of 2015, the number of employed people in China was 774.51 million, and that in urban areas was 404.10 million.

What are the statistics on cancer in China?

Expected Cancer Incidence in 2015 INCIDENCE INCIDENCE INCIDENCE SITE ICD-10 TOTAL MALE FEMALE Lip, oral cavity, & pharynx (except naso C00-C10, C12-C14 48.1 31.1 16.9 Nasopharynx C11 60.6 43.3 17.3 Esophagus C15 477.9 320.8 157.2

How old is the average person in China?

China now has an increasingly aging population; it is projected that 11.8% of the population in 2020 will be 65 years of age and older. Health care has improved dramatically in China since 1949.

How many pigs were slaughtered in China in 2015?

At the end of the year, 451.13 million pigs were registered in the total stocks, down by 3.2 percent, and 708.25 million pigs were slaughtered, down by 3.7 percent. The total output of aquatic products in 2015 was 66.90 million tons, up by 3.5 percent over the previous year.