What was Songhai geography like?

What was Songhai geography like?

The Songhai Empire was located in Western Africa south of the Sahara Desert and along the Niger River. At its peak, it stretched well over 1,000 miles from the current modern day country of Niger to the Atlantic Ocean.

What was the Songhai Empire famous for?

Songhai became independent of Mali, and rivalled it as the leading power in West Africa. The Songhai had settled on both banks of the middle Niger River. They established a state in the 15th century, which unified a large part of the western Sudan and developed into a brilliant civilisation.

How did the Songhai Empire expand?

Songhai rulers subsequently took advantage of the weakened Mali Empire to expand Songhai rule. Under the rule of Sonni Ali, the Songhai surpassed the Malian Empire in area, wealth, and power, absorbing vast areas of the Mali Empire and reached its greatest extent.

Who was Mali’s most famous ruler?

Mansa Kankan Musa I
After Sundiata, the most famous ruler of the Mali empire is Mansa Kankan Musa I, who came to power several decades after the death of his legendary predecessor.

Who are the Songhai?

Songhai, also spelled Songhay or Sonrhai, ethnolinguistic group having more than three million members who inhabit the area of the great bend in the Niger River in Mali, extending from Lake Debo through Niger to the mouth of the Sokoto River in Nigeria.

What did Songhai people eat?

The Songhai Empire’s diet was very traditional. The main staple food was millet which was consumed in three ways. First people at it as a pancake…

What was the geography of the Songhai Empire?

Geography. The Songhai Empire is located in the West African Empire, A.D. 1500. It is also on the Niger River near Gao. Rainforest, Niger River, Sahara Desert, and the grasses of the Savanna are some of the landforms found on the Songhai Empire. Songhai’s climate from May to October is hot and wet.

What was the economy of the Songhai people?

The Economy of Songhai. By Lauren Layton. Songhai’s main economic specializations were farming, fishing, mining, the craft of blacksmith, trading, witch-doctors, and they also had a fairly strong military. They farmed many crops and animals such as beans, sheep, onions, millet, papaya, and many others. They also had the natural resource of fish.

How did Songhai increase the size of his army?

He increased Songhai’s army strength by several folds. As a result of this, the Songhai Empire successfully expanded in all directions. He made sure that the empire had a standing army that was well trained and well-equipped.

Why was Songhai important to the Niger River?

Songhai had many natural resources with the Niger River being the most important because it could control the going and coning of trade. They also were skilled farmers and agriculture was very important to them.