What Supernatural episode does Dean sing Eye of the Tiger?

What Supernatural episode does Dean sing Eye of the Tiger?

In the Season 3 finale Supernatural: No Rest for the Wicked (2008), Sam tells Dean he totally should’ve been “jammin'” his good-bye speech to “Eye of the Tiger”…and Dean finally jams to that song in this episode.

Did Jensen Ackles really sing on Supernatural?

Christian Kane Made Jensen Ackles Sing Karaoke in a Rowdy Supernatural Episode. Yes, this episode not only gave us Happy Sam, but also Karaoke Dean and it’s not even Christmas.

What song does Dean sing in Supernatural Season 15?

Realizing his friend could really use a break, Lee brought Dean on stage to sing the extremely on-brand Dukes of Hazzard theme “Good Ol’ Boys” by Waylon Jennings.

What episode of Supernatural is Dean scared of everything?

Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever is the 6th episode of Season 4. It aired on October 23rd, 2008.

What is Sam and Dean’s car?

1967 Chevrolet Impala
Dean Winchester’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala is a major character in Supernatural. Known as “Baby,” the car has carried the Winchesters through countless encounters with demons, ghosts, angels, you name it.

Who sings with Dean in season 15 of Supernatural?

Jensen Ackles
Song from Supernatural Season 15 episode 4: Jensen Ackles – Sounds of Someday (LYRICS) – YouTube | Someday lyrics, Jensen ackles, Sherlock quotes.

Who does Dean sing with in season 15?

Supernatural is on hiatus this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we’ve still got a treat for you: a first look at Dean singing his heart out with guest star Christian Kane in next Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c).

Can Dean really sing?

1. Ackles’ musical talents shouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time fans of Supernatural. The actor has been singing at conventions and has lent his vocals to many albums over the years. Still, after 15 seasons of Supernatural, never has the actor been heard singing on the show.