What size is Micro Scalextric?

What size is Micro Scalextric?

Scalextric cars come in two sizes – smaller 1:64 size in our Scalextric My First and Micro sets for younger racers, and the larger 1:32 size in our Scalextric, Scalextric ARC (App Race Control) and Scalextric Digital sets.

Can you add to Micro Scalextric?

Create the wackiest layout you can with Micro Scalextric track extension packs! Compatible with all Micro Scalextric and My First Scalextric sets produced from 2019 onwards or items with a product code G1140 and upwards.

What is Micro Scalextric?

Micro Scalextric is perfect for younger slot-car drivers looking for their start with Scalextric. Modelled in half the size of standard and Digital Scalextric (1:64 scale), Micro offers drivers the chance to learn the basics of racing without any of the risk, with super resistant cars and track.

Can you join Scalextric tracks together?

Scalextric Types Micro Scalextric and My First Scalextric are the same shape, just coloured differently, so fit together perfectly. Micro Scalextric and My First Scalextric cars will work on both tracks types.

Can you extend my first Scalextric?

Extending Your Layout My First Scalextric is fully compatible with other new 1:64 scale Micro Scalextric products, so you can expand your layout and be as creative as you like!

What’s the purse for the American racer Cup?

A $6,750 purse is given out to registered Sportsman competitors at years end for the American Racer Cup with $1,500 going to the point winner. Tire giveaways certificates raise the total to over $10,000 handed out to Sportsman competitors. Insinger Performance regional cash totals $3,000 for the Sportsman competitors.

When is the American racer Cup in Indiana?

INDIANA, PA – For the American Racer Cup presented by Sunoco Race Fuels, 2021 will mark the 12 th year that American Racer and Lias Tire together with Sunoco Race Fuels and Insinger Performance are rewarding teams who compete weekly at American Racer tracks.

Where can I find the American racer Cup breakdown?

A full payout breakdown is available on the American Racer Cup website. To learn more about the American Racer Cup, visit the official website at www.theamericanracercup.com, e-mail [email protected], follow on Twitter @racer_cup or on like Facebook: American Racer Cup.

How are drivers ranked in the American racer Cup?

The American Racer Cup ranks drivers by their 10 best finishes at each participating home track. If a driver competes at different tracks on different nights, they must be registered separately for each track. Finishes begin being tallied on April 16.