What makes the Traktor Kontrol X1 a good DJ controller?

What makes the Traktor Kontrol X1 a good DJ controller?

The X1 packs TRAKTOR PRO 3’s decks and effects features into a portable, intuitive unit. Browse, cue, sync, and loop while the touch-sensitive strip and knobs deliver smart software navigation. Plus color-coded buttons and displays give clear visual feedback – so you can stay focused even in the darkest clubs. SIMPLE. POWERFUL. SMART.

Is the Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2 a modular control?

Modular control with Native Instruments gear: Here, the Z1 is your mixer, the X1 Mk2 controls track decks, and the F1 handles Remix Deck duties. The unit comes in typical high quality Native Instruments packaging, and the box contains the Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2 plus a USB cable and a card for downloading drivers and documentation.

Which is the best Traktor Pro 3 DJ controller?

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 is the compact DJ performance controller with responsive controls over two TRAKTOR PRO 3 decks and FX units. Whether DJing all-digital or with timecode control, the mighty TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 gives you total control of decks and effects in TRAKTOR PRO 3, with a unique combination of power and portability.

What does the Traktor Kontrol X1 touch strip do?

The X1’s multi-purpose touch strip delivers ultra-precise command over track position, pitch bend, and FX. From nudging or needle dropping, to track seeking or loop length, the LED-guided touch strip’s settings instantly adapt to match your needs – your fingers do the rest. Or assign it to control effect parameters, for some expressive firepower.

How does the Traktor Kontrol S8 work as a DJ?

The S8’s touch-and-see workflow means you connect with your music – and with your crowd. Two high-res color displays put TRAKTOR software in plain sight. Browsing, track info, effect, and filter values come into view directly in front of you.