What kind of Business is Lorne Stewart group?

What kind of Business is Lorne Stewart group?

Welcome to Lorne Stewart Group. We are one of the UK’s leading independent building services companies with an annual turnover of over £200m. Our group provides a range of specialist skills harnessed through our Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Facilities services and offsite Modular Design & Construction business.

Where are the offices of Lorne Stewart engineering?

Lorne Stewart Engineeringis a regionalised building services contractor with offices in eight locations across England and Wales. Visit website Visit website Enabling our customers to excel

Where is the Lorne Stewart office in Pembrokeshire?

Neyland West Wales Satelite Office Unit 64, Honeyborough Industrial Estate Neyland, Pembrokeshire SA73 1SE Tel: 01646 602 756 Email: Get Directions:

Is there a backlog of work at Lorne Stewart?

Lorne Stewart entered the year with a backlog of contracted work and a promising pipeline of opportunities. “However Brexit and Covid-19 is expected to create market uncertainty which may, in turn, lead to delays in decision-making by clients,” said the firm.


Who is the CEO of Lorne Stewart engineering?

CEO Lorne Stewart Engineering. Gary joined as an engineer and worked his way up to CEO of the Engineering Division of Lorne Stewart Plc, he has gained invaluable experience with over 30 years with the Company in both Regional and Divisional Management.

How to contact Lorne Stewart group Greenford Aladdin?

If you have anything you would like to tell us about our service, our website or any other aspect of our business, please add your contact details and comments in the box provided below and we will be pleased to respond. Lorne Stewart Group Greenford Aladdin Building

Is the Lorne Stewart group in the CN Awards?

Lorne Stewart Group are proud to have been shortlisted for the Health, Safety & Wellbeing category of the CN Awards 2021. We look forward to meeting the Judges and well done and good luck to everyone involved! Lorne Stewart Group – Making the Difference in our approach to Health, Safety & Wellbeing.