What is Victorian style decorating?

What is Victorian style decorating?

Victorian-era decorating was the polar opposite of today’s modern styles. It was a time of heavy, ornate furnishings, oversized everything, and a penchant for knickknacks. The resulting style is romantic, complex, warm, and dramatic, dripping with opulence and excess; basically, enough to make any minimalist shudder.

What are 3 characteristics of Victorian design?

Characteristics of Victorian Architecture

  • Steeply pitched roofs.
  • Plain or colorfully painted brick.
  • Ornate gables.
  • Painted iron railings.
  • Churchlike rooftop finials.
  • Sliding sash and canted bay windows.
  • Octagonal or round towers and turrets to draw the eye upward.
  • Two to three stories.

How did Victorians decorate their homes?

Victorian rooms were heavily decorated with rich furnishings, patterned wallpapers, colored tiles, pictorial tapestries, large houseplants, and chintz china. Interior surfaces were adorned with fleur-de-lys, medallions, arches, ovals, garlands and wreaths.

How do you make things look Victorian?

Use these tips to add Victorian elegance to your decor while keeping the budget in line.

  1. Linens. Among the most important elements in Victorian decor are linens.
  2. Jewel Tones. Painting walls in deep, jewel tones like emerald green, ruby, or sapphire.
  3. Ornate Frames.
  4. Boxes.
  5. Rose China.

What colors were popular in the Victorian era?

Victorian Era Color Palettes Various hues of ochre, russet, beige, brown and taupe were chosen because of the idea that the house should blend with its natural surroundings.

What are Victorian colors?

What colour paint did the Victorians use? The traditional Victorian colour palette was dark and consisted of dark, rich and deep shades of maroon, red, burgundy, chestnut, dark green, brown and blues.

Did Victorians put candles on their Christmas trees?

Decorating the Victorian Christmas tree Following the royal household’s lead, It quickly became a Victorian Christmas tradition and the height of fashion to set up a large tree and decorate it with lighted candles, sweet treats, fruit, nuts and cakes hung from the branches by ribbon.

What does Victorian style look like?

The main structures were fairly simple, rectangular-shaped houses with low sloping or sometimes flat roofs that protrude quite far out from the exterior walls. The windows are tall and skinny, often rounded at the top, and there is trim, trim, and more trim.

What colors were Victorian houses painted?

How many colors should a Victorian house have?

three colors
Speaking of color, the quintessential Victorian home’s exterior is comprised of at least three colors; some have as many as nine different hues and shades. Darker colors are meant to enhance unique architectural details, and outlining windows lends character to the home.

What do you need to know about Victorian style homes?

Two to three stories. Victorian homes are usually large and imposing.

  • Wood or stone exterior.
  • asymmetrical shape.
  • Decorative trim.
  • Textured wall surfaces.
  • multi-faceted roof or Mansard roof.
  • One-story porch.
  • Towers.
  • Vibrant colors.
  • What is Victorian style interior design?

    Victorian interior design is an approach to interior design inspired by the Victorian Era, a famous period in British history which lasted from 1837 to 1901.

    What are Victorian style homes?

    Victorian house . Jump to navigation Jump to search. Typical Victorian terraced houses in England, built in brick with slate roofs, stone details and modest decoration. In Great Britain and former British colonies , a Victorian house generally means any house built during the reign of Queen Victoria.

    What are the interior design themes?

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