What is the Wall Tasmania?

What is the Wall Tasmania?

The Wall In The Wilderness is situated at Derwent Bridge in Tasmania’s Central Highlands. It is Australia’s most ambitious art project undertaken in recent years. By 2015 creator/designer, Greg Duncan plans to carve the history of the highlands in 100 metres of timber, most of which will be in our rare Huon Pine.

How long is the Wall Tasmania?

100 metres
The wall, featuring beautifully scented and rare Huon Pine, is 100 metres in length and comprises 50 double sided panels that are 1 meter wide by 3 meters tall. The wall represents an ongoing project in which the artist has sculpted the story of the area.

How far is the wall from Hobart?

122 km
How far is it from Hobart to The Wall in the wilderness? The distance between Hobart and The Wall in the wilderness is 122 km. The road distance is 172.3 km.

Is the wall in the wilderness finished?

The panels will progress through the pioneering timber harvesters, pastoralists, miners, and Hydro workers. Carved by renowned sculptor Greg Duncan, when finished, the Wall in the Wilderness will be 100 meters long and serve as a major tourist attraction in Tasmania.

How much is admission to the wall Tasmania?

At $10.00 for entry it is well worth it to experience this interpretative history of the Tasmanian wilderness.

What is there to do from Hobart to Strahan?

Featured Stops

  • Queenstown.
  • Acid Rain.
  • Derwent Bridge.
  • Tarraleah Hydro Electric Power Stations.
  • Ouse.
  • Hamilton.
  • Lake Meadowbank.
  • Russell Falls & Mt Field National Park.

How long do you need in Tasmania?

Tasmania may be small but there’s so much to see. How long would we recommend? It depends what you’re coming for, but generally speaking, nothing less than 6 days if you want to see the main sights but even then you may find yourself rushing.

Is it better to stay in Queenstown or Strahan?

Strahan is a picturesque tourist town with good accommodation and food choices. Queenstown is a frontier mining town with far fewer accommodation and food choices. While staying at Queenstown would give you a head start on the drive to Hobart, you may find Strahan more comfortable.

How long is the drive from Hobart to Strahan?

5 hours
Drive Times

Hobart to: Distance (km) Duration
Port Arthur 93 1 hr 30 min
Queenstown 260 3 hrs 40 min
St Helens 265 3 hrs 40 min
Strahan 300 5 hours

What is the best way to travel around Tasmania?

A rental car or campervan is definitely the way to go for your Tasmania self-drive road trip. There are no passenger trains on the island, and internal flights are pricey. Buses link the main centres and trundle through city streets, but they’re slow (see wiggly roads, above) and infrequent.

How many days do you need in Strahan?

1. Re: How long to spend in Strahan? You need a full day for the Gordon river cruise and another day for the West Coast Wilderness Railway. And yes it is a long way; too far to go there unless you do the cruise and/or rail trip.

Can you take photos of the wall in Tasmania?

Visitors are unable to take photos of the wall and are asked to leave cameras behind. However, visitors can purchase books which include information and images of the wall. Once you have viewed the wall, make sure to take some time out in the café before heading to your next stop.

Where is the wall in the wilderness in Tasmania?

Location. The Wall in the Wilderness is located in the small town of Derwent Bridge in the Central Highlands of Tasmania towards the west of the State. Found on the Lyell Highway, this tourist attraction is located 2 kilometers to the east of the township, midway between Hobart and Strahan.

Where to go for Christmas in Tasmania Australia?

If you and your family are seeking to escape the Christmas rush, then Hobart and its surrounding areas in Tasmania could be perfect for you.

How tall is the Huon Pine Wall in Tasmania?

On the 1st March 2005 in one of the most beautiful parts of Tasmania I set out to undertake sculpting a wall that would be 3 metres high and over 100 metres in length. The material would be Huon Pine.