What is the story behind servant of evil?

What is the story behind servant of evil?

The song takes place in Lucifenia, where the servant, Allen Avadonia, serves the Princess Riliane. He reveals he is her twin brother, seperated from her due to “selfish adult reasons.” He promises that even if the rest of the world turns against her, he’ll continue to protect her.

What anime is servant of evil?

The Evillious Chronicles Wiki
The Servant of Evil | The Evillious Chronicles Wiki | Fandom.

How many songs are in the story of evil?

eight songs
The Story of Evil (悪ノ物語 Aku no Monogatari), or more commonly known as The Daughter of Evil series (悪ノ娘 Aku no Musume) is a series of songs made by Akuno-P. The series is composed of eight songs surrounding the epitome of Vanity of the Seven Deadly Sins Series.

What does the song the daughter of evil represent?

In the Story of Evil series, “The Daughter of Evil” is followed by The Servant of Evil. This song also represents Pride in the Seven Deadly Sins series, a part of The Evillious Chronicles series. The first remastering of the song.

Who is the voice of daughter of evil?

The play featured numerous instrumental tracks as well as covers for the velvet mix variants of The Daughter of Evil, The Servant of Evil, Regret Message, and the first rendition of Twiright Prank. The covers were sung by Shimoda Asami, the voice provider for Kagamine Rin and Len.

When did the daughter of Evil series start?

The Daughter of Evil Series, also called simply the Evil series, is a multimedia series conceptualized and developed by Akuno-P. It belongs to mothy’s larger Evillious Chronicles. First developing as a series of songs in 2008, the story has since received numerous spin-offs and adaptations, including as books, plays, and manga.

Where does the daughter of evil take place?

It is part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, depicting Pride, and is the first song in The Daughter of Evil Series . The song takes place in Lucifenia, a country stated to be of unspeakable inhumanity, and ruled by a fourteen-year-old princess, Riliane Lucifen d’Autriche.