What is the salary of Nidhi Kulpati?

What is the salary of Nidhi Kulpati?

Nidhi Kulpati Net Worth – Income, Salary & Money

Name Nidhi Kulpati
Profession Executive Editor at NDTV (former TV NEWS Anchor)
Net Worth (2021) $4 Million Dollar
Indian Rupees RS 30 Crores
Earnings 1-5 Lakhs

Who is Nidhi Razdan husband?

Neelesh Misram. 2005–2007
Nidhi Razdan/Husband

What is the age of Nidhi Kulpati?

45 years (May 19, 1976)
Nidhi Kulpati/Age

Is Nidhi Razdan a Kashmiri Pandit?

Nidhi Razdan is a Kashmiri Pandit and the daughter of Maharaj Krishan Razdan, the former editor-in-chief of news agency, Press Trust of India.

Why did Nidhi leave NDTV?

Journalist Nidhi Razdan issued a statement on Twitter today, claiming she had been the victim of a sophisticated phishing attack that falsified an offer to her to teach at Harvard University. Razdan said she has now filed a police complaint to “get to the bottom of this attack”.

Why did Nidhi Razdan leave NDTV?

“I have requested them (Police) to take immediate steps to identify, apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators of this abominable attack,” she added. On June 13, Razdan had announced that she would be quitting NDTV to take up a position at the Harvard University.

Who is highest paid anchor in India?

Who Is The Highest Paid News Anchor In India?

  • Arnab Goswami. Arnab Goswami. He is the highest-paid Indian journalist.
  • Rajdeep Sardesai. Rajdeep Sardesai.
  • Nidhi Razdan. Nidhi Razdan.
  • Abhisar Sharma. Abhisar Sharma.
  • Shweta Singh. Shweta Singh.
  • Ravish Kumar. Ravish Kumar.
  • Gaurav Kalra. Gaurav Karla.
  • Vikram Chandra. vikram chandra.

Who is the No 1 anchor in India?

1. Ravish Kumar. Ravish Kumar is the senior executive editor at NDTV news network and hosts channel’s many flagship shows including Prime Time, Hum Log and Ravish Ki Report. Hands down, he is probably the best news anchor in India.

Is Nidhi Razdan Harvard professor?

Razdan announced on Twitter in June that she was “changing direction and moving on” to “start as an Associate Professor teaching journalism as part of Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.” The news generated significant media attention in India, and in the months since, she introduced herself as a Harvard …

Does Harvard teach journalism?

Through the graduate degree in the field of Journalism at Harvard University you: Master the latest reporting, writing, and technical skills for traditional and digital media. Build greater confidence surrounding multimedia communication, identifying and pitching stories, and connecting with editors.