What is the purpose of a reception area?

What is the purpose of a reception area?

What is a reception area? The reception area is the first room you enter in a workspace. It’s located by the entrance and can be either big or small. Its primary function is to greet visitors and guide them on their way to meetings, but it has many other uses besides that.

How do I brand my office space?

Here are 5 simple ways to brand your worksplace.

  1. Signage. When you walk into an office space, the entryway configuration should provide some hints as to the mission of the business.
  2. Storage and Organization.
  3. Color.
  4. Layout.
  5. Furniture.

How do I create a front office reception area?

How to Design a Front Office Reception Area

  1. Determine Your Reception Area Look and Feel. Investigate reception area ideas.
  2. Select Your Color Scheme.
  3. Make the Reception Desk the Centerpiece.
  4. Achieve a Cohesive Look.
  5. Add Chairs and Tables Thoughtfully.
  6. Minimize Visible Clutter.
  7. Add Finishing Touches to the Reception Area Design.

What are the necessary tools and equipment needed in the reception area?

The reception equipment list in a busy office can be a long one, but the staples for any fast-moving office include:

  • Computer.
  • Copier/Fax/Printer.
  • Telephone.
  • Postage Meter.
  • Webcam or Digital Camera.

Why is it important to give a good impression at reception?

It’s the very first person you will likely meet- the receptionist. Make a positive and lasting impression on the receptionist and it just might help your chances of success with the company; create a negative impression and there’s a good chance your future with them has reached its end.

How do you describe a reception office?

The reception office is defined as the office in the organization where all visitors to the organization are received. Reception office is also that particular room in an organizations premises or building where callers to that organization would first call and make inquiries in the course of visiting the organization.

What are the characteristics of an office?

8 characteristics of modern office design

  • Ergonomic furniture.
  • Multifunctional spaces.
  • Integrated technology.
  • Collaborative environments.
  • Open spaces.
  • Recreation and rest areas.
  • Lighting.
  • Decorative motivation.

What is the reception office?

What are the three ways to makes an impression in the reception area?

Even just a few adjustments can go a long way.

  • Space. Most small companies don’t have lots of money in the budget to pay for a big, airy reception area.
  • Color.
  • Light.
  • Graphics and Decor.
  • Appearance.
  • Tone.
  • The key to a remarkable first impression.

What should be on a reception desk?

Receptionist desk/station. A comfortable and ergonomically appropriate chair for the receptionist. Chairs for guests to use while waiting. A table to hold literature or magazines or to provide a surface for visitors for their purses, their briefcases, or other personal belongings while waiting.

What does branding mean in a reception area?

Branding comes in many forms: It could be just a sophisticated offering of comfort and security with minimal info and graphics, perhaps something as simple as a hint of the corporate color, or something that is much more dramatic, has cultural outreach and perhaps serves to help the reception area become a hub of activity.

How to design a reception area for an office?

Here are 6 reception area design ideas for offices that will help you design a welcoming space for your client. Whether you’re designing for a small start-up company or a big law firm, you want the reception area to feel elegant and clean.

What should the color scheme be for a reception area?

Depending on the company you’re designing for, you’ll have to use a color scheme that flows harmoniously with their branding. Normally, soothing or neutral colors are used in a reception area with the company logo clearly visible. The soothing colors help with creating a relaxed environment in an otherwise chaotic area.

What does it mean to have an elegant reception area?

Elegant doesn’t necessarily mean overly fancy or extravagant – it means the space should be both stylish and pleasant. There is a lot of traffic that passes through the reception area of an office. If you can offer a positive experience via your unique design to everyone who passes through, then you’ve succeeded.