What is the opposite meaning of wrongheaded?

What is the opposite meaning of wrongheaded?

Opposite of carried out without the benefit of wise counsel or careful deliberation, or carried out with unwise counsel. wise. judicious. discreet.

What is the meaning of headiness?

1. a. Intoxicating or stupefying: heady liqueur. b. Tending to upset the mind or the balance of senses: standing on a heady outcrop of rock.

What does strong headedness mean?

determined to have one’s own way; willful; stubborn; obstinate: a headstrong young man. proceeding from or exhibiting willfulness: a headstrong course.

What is a incorrect definition?

1a : not true : wrong incorrect answers. b : inaccurate, faulty an incorrect transcription. 2 : unbecoming, improper incorrect behavior. 3 obsolete : not corrected or chastened.

Which word from the passage is the opposite of sensible?

Answer: the opposite word of sensible is ridicule.

What is the synonym of perverse?

Some common synonyms of perverse are balky, contrary, restive, and wayward. While all these words mean “inclined to resist authority or control,” perverse may imply wrongheaded, determined, or cranky opposition to what is reasonable or normal.

What does heady mean in slang?

Something that’s heady is extremely thrilling. You might have a heady feeling as you walk up on stage to get your high school diploma. Use the adjective heady to describe a sensation that is so exciting it makes you a little dizzy, a bit like being intoxicated.

Who is a strong headed person?

Someone who is strong-willed has a lot of determination and always tries to do what they want, even though other people may advise them not to. He is a very determined and strong-willed person. Synonyms: resolute, firm, single-minded, purposeful More Synonyms of strong-willed.

What is a strong headed woman?

A strong-willed woman is a person who speaks her mind and defends her values. Even if she is seen as bossy, demanding, or stubborn, she doesn’t really care. She’s the kind of woman who wants the best for herself, her loved ones, and for the better of society.

What is the sentence of incorrect?

1. Gershwin’s lyrics would today probably be deemed politically incorrect. 2. The information you gave us was incorrect.

What’s insensible mean?

1 : incapable or bereft of feeling or sensation: such as. a : lacking sensory perception or ability to react insensible to pain. b : unconscious knocked insensible by a sudden blow. c : not endowed with life or spirit : insentient insensible earth.