What is the least 8 digit number?

What is the least 8 digit number?

The smallest 8-digit number is 1,00,00,000 which is read as one crore.

How do you call an 8 digit number?

Callers from the provinces will only need to do the usual national direct dialing procedure which now includes their Metro Manila contact’s 8 digit number: Dial 0 + Area Code (2) + 8 digits landline number.

Why are phone numbers 8 digits?

In fact, MTNL carried out a pilot project and created eight digit numbers to see the working of billing and other systems before converting all its landline numbers to eight digits. Details regarding changed numbers can be had on phone -1951/ 1952/1953 or on phone no 197.

Which country code is 08?

8 – East Asia and some services like Inmarsat. 9 – Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia.

What is the 7 digit greatest number?

The greatest 7-digit number is 99,99,999.

Why mobile no is 10 digit?

Thus, if phone numbers were to have 2 digits, how many different number combinations would be available? 10 x 10 = 100. In the same fashion, if phone numbers were to have 9 digits, this would only satisfy 1,000 million (100 crore) subscribers. Hence, the 10-digit mobile number.

Can I call landline using cellphone?

Cellphone calls to a landline number must always use the area code, with no exceptions. So even if you are calling someone within the same place or area code, you must still include the area code.

WHEN DID phone numbers change to 8 digits?

The first numbers to be converted to eight digits were numbers in the 99x xxxx and 99 xxxx ranges in the suburb of Mona Vale in Sydney, which all became 999x xxxx or 9999 xxxx on 25 July 1994.

What is the phone number with 10 digits?

10 digit numbers are in the form AAA-PPP-NNNN, where AAA is the area code followed by the 7 digit number. Depending on the telco service, 10 digit dialing may or may not be available.

How many digits per line with T-Mobile digits?

Pricing for tax-inclusive rate plans reflects AutoPay discount; without AutoPay, $5 more/line. Up to 5 numbers per device & up to 5 devices per number.

What do the numbers start with on a mobile phone?

Mobile phones use geographic area codes (two digits): after that, all numbers assigned to mobile service have nine digits, starting with 9 (example: +55 15 99999-9999). The possible range goes from 91 to 99: 90 is not possible, because collect calls start with this number.

How long does Kall8 keep your phone number?

Real Time Call information is stored for three days and provides the name and phone numbers of all callers, even if the line is busy, unanswered, or the call is blocked. Keep track of your Kall8 usage online.