What is the difference between a 318 and a 360 Dodge engine?

What is the difference between a 318 and a 360 Dodge engine?

The 360 also has a longer stroke. This is why it produces more torque and is better suited for towing. The 318 has a smaller combustion chamber and higher compression which better for fuel economy.

Is a Dodge 318 and 360 the same block?

Nope, not the same. Bore size 318 is 3.91. Bore size 360 is 4.00. Crank is different as well.

Is the 318 reliable?

The Good And The BadIn terms of durability, the Mopar 318 is robust. The bottom end of most 318 engines used a cast-iron crankshaft, and though these are not as desirable as a forged crank, the cast-iron piece has proven to be very reliable.

How much horsepower does a 318 have?

The 318 four-barrel, used on police pursuit and other cars, produed 165 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque.

Is Chrysler 318 a good engine?

The 318 engine is absolutely the best all-around small block Mopar, in my opinion. It can easily make 400 plus horsepower and still has great street manners. Each are good engines, but for performance use, you should stick with the LA or Magnum because performance parts for the 318 Poly are hard to find.

Will a Dodge 318 transmission fit a 360?

It will fit no problem. The 318 is an internally balanced engine verses the 360 being an external balanced engine. Both engines will have a 727 Torque Flight transmission.

Are 318 good engines?

What is a 318 engine?

The 318 was the base V-8 engine in most Chrysler products, including Dodge and Plymouth. The A 318s powered the DeSoto before it ceased production in late 1960. Both 318 versions also served as a workhorse powerplant for Dodge trucks.

What is a Dodge 360 engine?

With its introduction in1971, the Dodge 360 was one of nine V8 engines offered. Its initial horsepower rating was the second lowest of the V8 family for the model year. The 360 featured an 8.7:1 compression ration and 255 horsepower at 4,400 rpm. Its torque was 360 ft.-lbs. at 2,400 rpm.

What is Chrysler 318?

The 318 is the most common version of the A engine, produced from 1957 through 1967 when it was replaced in all markets by the LA 318. Only Plymouth used this 318 in 1957 and 1958, but it was shared with the other Chrysler divisions from 1959 on.