What is the Definition of power for kids?

What is the Definition of power for kids?

Power is the rate at which that energy is used. In other words, how fast the energy is being used. Power and energy are often used to mean the same thing. However, power refers to the rate, and energy refers to the amount. A faster rate means more power.

What is valve function?

A valve is a device or natural object that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. In an open valve, fluid flows in a direction from higher pressure to lower pressure.

What is a power easy Definition?

Power is defined as the ability to act or have influence over others. An example of power is the strength needed to run five miles. An example of power is the authority a local government has to collect taxes. The definition of power is operating electrically or having strength or force.

What is the Definition of valve in biology?

Valve, in anatomy, any of various membranous structures, especially in the heart, veins, and lymph ducts, that function to close temporarily a passage or orifice, permitting movement of a fluid in one direction only. A valve may consist of a sphincter muscle or two or three membranous flaps or folds.

What is power in your own words?

1 : possession of control, authority, or influence over others. 2 : a nation that has influence among other nations a foreign power. 3 : the ability to act or produce an effect It’s in your power to change things. 4 : the right to do something the president’s powers. 5 : physical might : strength The wind grew in power …

Why is power so important?

It is important to understand that there are benefits to having power in your life. Less Stress – Power helps bring more control in your life. Feeling that you are in control and can make a difference in your work environment and home environment can reduce feelings of helplessness that can cause stress.

What is the function of needle valve?

A needle valve is used to accurately control flow rates of clean gasses or fluids. The adjustments are gradual and smooth for controlling the flow rate, however, they can also be used as a reliable shut-off valve.

What are the types of power?

The 5 Types of Power Summary

  • Coercive power.
  • Reward power.
  • Legitimate power.
  • Expert power.
  • Referent power.

What is power and its features?

It is the ability to exercise one’s will over others or, in other words, power is the ability of individuals or groups to make their own interests or concerns count, even when others resist. It sometimes involves the direct use of force. Force is the actual or threatened use of coercion to impose one’s will on others.

What is an example of a valve?

The definition of a valve is a device that opens or closes to let things through or to prevent passage. The part of your heart that opens and closes to let blood enter or to prevent blood from entering is an example of a valve.

What is the definition of heart valve?

Valves are actually flaps (leaflets) that act as one-way inlets for blood coming into a ventricle and one-way outlets for blood leaving a ventricle. Normal valves have 3 flaps (leaflets), except the mitral valve. It only has 2 flaps. The 4 heart valves are: Tricuspid valve.

What is the function of a power valve?

The power valve’s primary function is to regulate the size of the exhaust port. This regulation in volume will directly influence the position of the power band in the RPM range. If the size of the exhaust port is smaller, the exiting airflow is restricted. This restriction will reduce the power potential of the engine.

What is the kids definition of a valve?

Kids Definition of valve. 1 : a structure in the body that temporarily closes to prevent passage of material or allow movement of a fluid in one direction only a heart valve.

Why was the two stroke power valve made?

The power valve is a very important modification that was made to two strokes in the 1980s and has been used ever since. The point of this design is to increase the size of your power band. Before the Powervalve two strokes exhaust ports were a fixed size and tuned pipes designed for that port size.

What’s the difference between mechanical and electrical power valves?

There was almost no in-between. But then the power valve was introduced to the two-stroke engine, and everything changed. Today, several types of power valves exist, but mechanical and electrical are the majority. The engine’s speed controls the mechanical valves.