What is the current price of lobster in Maine?

What is the current price of lobster in Maine?

Average Lobster Price Per Pound – $35 – $120/lb.

How much does a 15 lb Maine Lobster cost?

Boston-based wholesaler Yankee Lobster Company, lists whole jumbo lobsters that weigh 6 pounds or more at $10.99 pound, while online retailer Maine Lobster Now lists 10- to 15-pound lobsters at about $20 per pound.

How old is a 25 lb lobster?

It takes lobsters an average of 5 to 7 years (depending on the water temperature) to grow to legal size, and they grow more slowly as they get larger. Therefore a lobster that weighs 3 pounds is an estimated 15-20 years old, and a 25 pound lobster would be approximately 75-100 years old.

Why lobster is bad for you?

Lobster does serve up a high dose of sodium, however — nearly half of the recommended daily amount for healthy diners. That can be dangerous if you have high blood pressure. To enjoy lobster at its most healthful, boil or roast it. Resist the temptation to add buckets of melted butter, and definitely don’t deep-fry it.

How much is a 20 lb lobster?

15 lb – 20 lb North Atlantic Live Lobster

Regular $499.99
Lot of 2 $464.99

What months should you not eat lobster?

Following the “R” Rule for Shellfish. Common lore states that we should only be eating shellfish, especially oysters, in months with the letter “R.” So we can help ourselves to all the oysters, mussels, and clams we can eat from September through April, but put the brakes on come May.

What months are best for lobster?

October, November, December. Next to late spring, fall is one of the best times of year to buy good, hard-shell lobsters. After Labor Day all the tourists have gone home and the lobster landings are at their highest.

What is the average price of lobster in Maine?

Generally, the further you live away from Maine, the more you will pay at a local retailer or even online. At most stores, a lobster will be in the one to four pounds ranging, meaning, the average price will be anywhere from $8 to $60+ for a lobster.

How much do lobsters cost?

If you want to purchase the meat already prepped, frozen and ready to go, the prices can be much more. Mixed lobster meat can cost $45 to $65 per pound, while the tail meat only can be $50 to $70 per pound. Every five pounds of lobster yields about one pound of meat.

Where can you buy lobster?

Like all fresh seafood, the best place to buy lobster is directly from the fisherman or a small-scale fishmonger. If you live in the Northeast, this isn’t hard. There are lobster pounds all over the coast that get live lobster in daily and keep them alive in large tanks.

How much does lobster cost?

The cost of a lobster will depend on where it’s purchased from, the size, quality, geographical location, how it’s processed (fresh or frozen), time of year and market conditions. On average, plan on spending anywhere from $8 to $19 per pound at the grocery store.