What is the CPT code for immunoglobulin G?

What is the CPT code for immunoglobulin G?

Test Name: IgA/IgE/IgG/IgM, TOTAL
Alias: Immunoglobulin LAB2277
CPT Code(s): 82784 (x3) 82785
Preferred Specimen: 2.0 mL serum

What is Toxoplasma gondii IgG?

A positive Toxoplasma IgG result is indicative of current or past infection with Toxoplasma gondii. A single positive Toxoplasma IgG result should not be used to diagnose recent infection. Equivocal Toxoplasma IgG results may be due to very low levels of circulating IgG during the acute stage of infection.

What does Toxoplasma IgM positive mean?

IgM antibodies are the only class produced by an unborn baby. When Toxoplasma IgM antibodies are present in a newborn, they indicate a congenital infection. Molecular (DNA) testing. If the molecular test is positive for T. gondii DNA, then the person tested has an active toxoplasmosis infection.

What does CPT code 83516 mean?

immunoassay for analyte other
The assigned CPT® (Current Procedural Terminology)1 code for the InflammaDry® test is 83516, “immunoassay for analyte other than infectious agent antibody or infectious agent antigen; qualitative or semi-quantitative, multiple step method.” The 2015 CMS national limit for this code is $15.70; state limits may vary.

Where is toxoplasmosis most commonly found?

Toxoplasmosis is most common in areas with warm, moist climates. More than 50% of the population in Central and Southern Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia are infected with toxoplasmosis. It is also common in France possibly due to the preference of minimally cooked and raw meat.

What is procedure code 83861?

CPT 83861. The appropriate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)(1) Code for the TearLab Osmolarity Test is 83861; “Microfluidic analysis utilizing an integrated collection and analysis device, tear osmolarity.”