What is the best non selective school in Sydney?

What is the best non selective school in Sydney?

Best Schools in Sydney

1 James Ruse Agricultural High School Best selective public school
2 Cheltenham Girls High School Best non-selective public school
3 Sydney Grammar School Best independent school
4 International Grammar School Best international school

What is the best secondary school in UK?

Top 10 State Secondary Schools in England

  1. The Henrietta Barnett School.
  2. The Tiffin Girls’ School.
  3. Kendrick School.
  4. Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet.
  5. Reading School.
  6. St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School.
  7. Wilson’s School.
  8. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys.

What is a non selective secondary school?

A selective school means that students are only admitted if you fulfil particular criteria, set out by the school, these are typically academic. A non selective school, means that there are no pre-set criteria that a student must achieve in order to be able to enrol.

Which is the biggest school in Sydney?

From the perspective of attendance, Haileybury College is the largest primary school in Australia – the total enrolments of the school in 2019 is 4054.

What is the biggest secondary school in England?

Exmouth Community College is an academy in Exmouth, Devon, England….

Exmouth Community College
Enrolment 2,226
Capacity 2,850
Website http://www.exmouthcollege.devon.sch.uk/

Are there any selective schools in my area?

I have 2 schools in my area that run as both selective and non-selective, with non-selective students having opportunities via performance or selective exam to join the selective classes (though one of the schools is a performing arts high school on it’s selective side).

How does a non selective school rank in GCSE?

The best non-selective schools ranked according to the percentage of students getting five or more A*-Cs, including English and maths, in 2015’s GCSE exams The 2015 GCSE league tables are in – where does your school rank?

How are the top 150 high schools ranked?

The pie chart provided below shows the distribution of the top 150 schools by their type – government non-selective, government selective, and independent. In the 2020 High School rankings article, we will provide you with an easy to understand analysis of the top 150 schools based on their performance.

Which is the best secondary school in NSW?

Alternatively you can compare up to 5 NSW secondary schools and trends with 2D / 3D charts side by side. For other types of results or rankings, please visit School Ranking Home.