What is the advantage of a tunnel hull boat?

What is the advantage of a tunnel hull boat?

The advantage of having a tunnel hull on a Jon boat is the almost effortless navigation through shallow waters at speed.

Are tunnel hull boats good?

Tunnel-hull jon boats are a bit hard to set up but once set up, they work great especially in skinny water. For those who regularly run in water which is less than a foot deep, a tunnel-hull jon boat is a pretty good and worthy investment.

Are tunnel hull boats slower?

To fill the tunnel, the water must change directions in many ways, some comes into the tunnel from the sides, some from the front, all the while having to move up and sideways to fill that tunnel. ANYTIME you disturb the water in front of that propeller, the boat will slow down.

How much does a 14 ft aluminum jon boat cost?

Most 14ft jon boats cost between $850-1,200. which is similar to the 12ft models. More expensive packages may also be available and will include trailer, engine and sometimes basic safety equipment. The 14ft jon boat is the best, and worst, of two worlds.

How shallow can a tunnel hull run?

A tunnel done right and set up right to run as shallow as possible on a shallow water hull can skim over sub 1″ of water over a boulder and will run in 3″ of water over a parking lot. Yes, again, you’ll need to come off plane in deeper water if your boat drafts more, but that’s always the case with any motor.

How shallow can a jon boat run?

How Shallow Can A Jon Boat Really Go? Every situation is going to be a little bit different but boaters report being able to easily drive in water from 1-2 feet with their flat bottom Jon boats and engines engaged in the standard position.

Do I need a tunnel hull?

If you typically have to make longs runs in deeper water where the chop typically exceeds 2′ definatley go with a V-hull. If you fish more protected areas and have to cross shallow LONG flats often then go with a tunnel.

How does a tunnel hull work?

A tunnel hull is a type of boat hull that uses two typically planing hulls with a solid centre that traps air. This entrapment then creates aerodynamic lift in addition to the planing (hydrodynamic) lift from the hulls. Many times this is attributed to ground effect.

Why do they call it a Jon boat?

It is told that fishermen in Scandinavia loved using flat bottomed boats to carry themselves and their fishing gear to the larger boats. Because the boats were stable and easy to construct, they became favorite transportation for many fishermen. And a few of the fishermen were named “Jon” or “John”.

What is a tunnel hull skiff?

With a unique tunnel hull, wide 93-inch beam and a raised deck, the Tunnel Skiff Series is the ultimate shallow water fishing experience. The Tunnel Skiff Series is available in 17-, 19-, 21- and 24-foot models and features a unique hull design for shallow water running.

Can a Jon boat go in the ocean?

Jon boats can go in the ocean but only under very specific conditions. A mod-v Jon boat is the best choice for ocean use but only in optimal calm weather conditions and never far from shore. The flat bottom and low freeboard make a Jon boat unsuitable for rough ocean water.

What kind of boat is tunnel hull Jon?

Xpress Jon Boats roots run deep with its ancestry being the original all-welded aluminum boat. Trust the origin, trust the quality, trust the name. Xpress Boats.Whether its for pleasure or commercial use, a flat bottom, tunnel or V bottom hull, rigged with accessories or simply two bench seats in a basic hull, we probably make what you need.

How much does a tunnel powerboat cost?

PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE! $65,900 was $89,900!!!!! This is a 1987 Off Shore Racing boat with 2 fresh 598’s The Starboard Engine block is new and has 4 hours on it and the Port engine had a fresh rebuild 25 hours ago. Current owner has the boat GPS clocked at 115MPH just a little over half throttle with a lot more to go! Boat is very fast.

Is the tunnel hull weldbilt made of aluminum?

2016 WeldBilt 1648V TUNNEL HULL Weldbilt boats are all aluminum and all welded, with never any rivets used in the construction process. All welded construction means that your boat will not only be stronger, but it won’t develop leaks along lines of rivets.

When to use the Gator tough tunnel Jon?

The Gator Tough Tunnel Jon, for when you want to scout the shallows…the areas that hold an abundance of untouched fish, you must have the equipment that will get you there…and back. Make G3 and Yamaha your fishing partners today.