What is special about MF Hussain painting?

What is special about MF Hussain painting?

Husain, in full Maqbool Fida Husain, Husain also spelled Hussain, (born September 17, 1915, Pandharpur, Maharashtra state, India—died June 9, 2011, London, England), Indian artist known for executing bold, vibrantly coloured narrative paintings in a modified Cubist style.

How much does an MF Hussain painting cost?

Mumbai: An artwork by the late Maqbool Fida Husain titled Voices sold for Rs 18.47 crore at an online auction on Sunday setting a record for as the highest price ever fetched by any of the artist’s works in a public domain sale.

How did M.F.Husain become an artist?

Husain developed his painting skills in the 1930s, painting billboards for the growing Bollywood film industry. This was a clique of young artists who wished to break with the nationalist traditions established by the Bengal school of art and to encourage an Indian avant-garde, engaged at an international level.

How old was MF Hussain when he died?

Often called ‘Picasso of India’, Husain was born in 1913 in Maharashtra, and passed away in London in 2011 at the age of 97. A self-taught artist, Husain was associated with Indian modernism in the 1940s, and was a founding member of the Bombay Progressive Artists Group (PAG), inspired by post-partition India.

What did M.F.Husain do in Qatar?

During M. F. Husain’s stay in Qatar, he was commissioned by Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, Qatar’s first lady, to create two paintings connected with the history of Arab civilization and the history of Indian civilization. In 2008 Husain was commissioned to paint 32 large-scale paintings depicting the history of India.

Why was M.F.Husain the best paid painter in India?

Husain claims that the loss of his mother at the age of a year and a half is a possible reason for his pattern of paintings depicting a maternal Indian figure. Husain became the best-paid painter in India, his highest-selling piece fetching $1.6 million at a 2008 Christie’s auction.