What is RVG dental X ray?

What is RVG dental X ray?

The RadioVisioGraphy (RVG) imaging system1 commonly used in dentistry to take intraoral periapical radiographs features the latest innovations in digital radiography, delivering the highest image resolution (> 20 LP/mm). RVG consists of a sensor, monitor, and microcomputer components (Fig. 1).

How much is a digital xray sensor?

Most digital intraoral sensors are priced in the $3,000-10,000 range, which includes the sensor itself, basic positioning accessories and an initial period of warranty coverage.

How much is a Dexis sensor?

The Apex Dental Sensors also come with a 2 year warranty with an optional SensorCare Lifetime Protection Plan to cover your sensors for life against physical damage….The Apex Dental Sensor Compared to the Dexis Dental Sensor.

Apex Dental Sensor Dexis Dental Sensor
Price for #2 Sensor $4,495 $7,500

How does RVG work?

Working Principle of RVG Sensor The tissue is exposed to X-ray radiation and the refracted light is captured by the sensor. The image is processed instantly and converted into digital data using Analog-to-Digital converters. This digital data is sent to the computer where the doctor can view the scan instantly.

What is RVG?

Introduction: Radiovisiography (RVG) as the latest imaging technique in dentistry with the minimal radiation exposure of the patient and numerous possibilities to process the images has many advantages over classic radiography.

What size is Dexis sensor?

Kodak, Schick, and Planmeca provide sensors in size 0 as well. Dexis is the only company that offers only a single size sensor. For the purpose of this study, the authors considered the Platinum sensor to be in the size 2 category, since the sensor is used for taking radiographs for posterior teeth and for bitewing.

What is dental sensor?

As opposed to film x rays, digital dental sensors are handheld pieces of technology that take digital x-ray images of a patient’s teeth. Dental sensors are optimal for taking x-ray images because they are digital, allowing images to be organized more accurately.

What is a dental sensor?

What Is a Dental Sensor? A digital intraoral sensor is a small device that is used to capture X-ray images.

Where is the serial number on Dexis sensor?

flf. The number before the the underscore needs to match the serial number on your dexis platinum. The serial number can be found in three ways. You can look on the usb end of the sensor, if you bought it from our website you can find the serial number listed there or you can call the sales person you bought it from.

What does RVG mean?


Acronym Definition
RVG Residual Value Guarantee
RVG Relative Value Guide
RVG Relative Value of Growth
RVG Radionuclide Ventriculogram (cardiology)