What is OMA fraternity?

What is OMA fraternity?

PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA FRATERNITY OF AMERICA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the world’s oldest and largest secret national fraternal society in music.

Why join Phi Mu Alpha?

The Object of this Fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the Alma Mater.

What does Phi Mu Alpha stand for?

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America (also known as Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Phi Mu Alpha, or simply Sinfonia) (ΦΜΑ) is an American collegiate social fraternity for men with a particular interest in music.

Where was Phi Mu Alpha founded?

October 6, 1898
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia/Founded
Phi Mu Alpha Founder’s Day 2020 On October 6, 1898, our beloved Sinfonia was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, we have grown to over 125,000 living members and nearly 250 chapters.

What does Sinfonia stand for?

Sinfonia (IPA: [siɱfoˈniːa]) is the Italian word for symphony, from the Latin symphonia, in turn derived from Ancient Greek συμφωνία symphōnia (agreement or concord of sound), from the prefix σύν (together) and ϕωνή (sound).

Is Phi Mu Alpha a social fraternity?

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national social fraternity devoted to music and brotherhood. We have members from many different musical groups on campus such as the Kiltie Marching Band, the Alma College Choir, Corral, the Alma College Pipe Band, Scots on the Rocks, Jazz Band and the Alma College Orchestra.

What does OAS AAS LLS mean?

Glad to find you, Brothers! OAS AAS LLS ALAYPYFD: Sinfonia.

What is the difference between sinfonia and symphony?

An orchestra is a group of musicians with a variety of instruments, which usually includes the violin family. A symphony orchestra (often just called “a symphony” for short) is an orchestra that has both the number of players and types of instruments required to play a symphony.

Which term is derived from Sinfonia?

What does Phi Mu look for?

Phi Mu chapters look for Potential New Members who exemplify our values of love, honor and truth.

What are the values of Phi Mu?

Phi Mu Fraternity is a vibrant values- based women’s organization. Our purpose is found in the principles of love, honor and truth. We vigorously pursue the interests and purpose of women. We actively direct our energies towards ideas bigger than ourselves.

What is the initiation ritual for Phi Mu?

Members shall be admitted one by one, giving knock and password to door keeper. Each, when she has entered the room shall give the sign to the President, who will give it simultaneously with her.

What kind of fraternity is Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia?

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America (also known as Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Phi Mu Alpha, or simply Sinfonia) (ΦΜΑ) is an American collegiate social fraternity for men with a special interest in music.

Who is the Secretary of Phi Mu fraternity?

SECRETARY:Loyalty to Phi Mu. Loyalty to the ideals and traditions of Phi Mu; desire to enhance the beauty of Fraternity relationship through deep loyalty to every member of this chapter; seeking personally after true knowledge, since through love of wisdom and right thinking is one given the vision true loyalty.

How many Phi Mu Alpha members are there?

Phi Mu Alpha has initiated more than 260,000 members, known as Sinfonians, and the fraternity currently has over 7,000 active collegiate members in 249 collegiate chapters throughout the United States.