What is Internet Explorer version 8?

What is Internet Explorer version 8?

Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is a graphical web browser by Microsoft, the eighth version of Internet Explorer and the successor to Internet Explorer 7. It was released on March 19, 2009, and is the default browser for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems.

Is IE 8 Secure?

Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and it may have security issues that could put your personal information at risk. We strongly recommend using Chrome or Firefox instead.

Is IE secure?

IE Browser Will Not be Secure Post November 2020. Yes, it is official! Microsoft is getting ready to pull the plug on Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) browser in a phased manner beginning November 30, 2020. After the listed dates, new security updates for the IE 11 and legacy Edge browsers will not be available.

Why is it important to have Internet Explorer 8?

The evolution of the Internet has introduced new sources of rich information and more ways to access it. This growth has created new opportunities, experiences, online services, and standards to the web. With this intensity and reliance, web developers face an evolving set of needs, which Windows Internet Explorer 8 addresses in three key ways.

When did Internet Explorer 6 and 7 stop being used?

Luckily by 2014, Internet Explorer 6 and 7 are a statistical anomaly in actual Internet usage, and most of the bigger websites have completely stopped supporting them. Even Internet Explorer 8 usage has dropped to single-digit percentages for many websites.

When is Microsoft getting rid of Internet Explorer?

1 — Microsoft is killing off their 25-year-old browser, Internet Explorer. Microsoft announced this past week that they will be getting rid of Internet Explorer on August 17 th , 2021.

Why do so many geeks hate Internet Explorer?

We’ve all been so used to thinking of Internet Explorer as that slow, buggy browser that is behind the times, but it wasn’t always that way—in fact, way back when, Internet Explorer pioneered many innovations that made the web what it is today. Here’s a quick tour through the easily forgotten history of the infamous browser: