What is ICAO English level?

What is ICAO English level?

ICAO concentrates on the implementation, understanding, and the standardization of all the elements, towards the achievement of the English Language Proficiency Level 4 as a minimum operational level, equally valid within all Member States.

What is ICAO language proficiency level 4?

The operational level (ICAO Level 4) is required to be allowed to fly airplanes in international air traffic and to use the English language for R/T (radio telephony) purposes. Therefore, level 4 is the most important level as it decides whether you are allowed to fly or not.

What is Level 3 English proficiency?

Level 3—Intermediate [WIDA level = Developing]: A pupil shall be classified level 3 if all of the following criteria are met: (a) The pupil understands and speaks conversational and academic English with decreasing hesitancy and difficulty.

How do I get ICAO Level 4?

ICAO level 4 is required to be achieved by pilots and air traffic controllers who are involved in international flight operations. Even in case of pilots flying between non-english speaking countries, they must also pass the ICAO test.

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What is Level 4 English proficiency?

The Level 4 (operational) proficiency is considered as a minimum ‘stepping stone’ to higher levels. The main benefit of high international standards of aviation English is that communications between aircraft crew and controllers are fully understood, particularly when non-standard words and phrases are used.

What is ICAO proficiency test?

The ICAO english test measures the ability to speak and understand english in an aviation environment (reading english is not required). This includes how well one can efficiently communicate routine and non routine situations both face to face and over the radio.

Are there any English proficiency tests for ICAO?

These benchmark tests are to be used as a guide to the ICAO proficiency requirements but are not necessarily officially sanctioned and approved tests for registration under the ICAO English language proficiency requirements of 1997.

Are there any international tests for English proficiency?

In order for individuals and institutions to understand their English language capabilities there are many international proficiency tests to choose from. Below are just some of the commonly recognised tests internationally and how they relate to Aviation English language programs and the ICAO language proficiency requirements.

Where can I get an ICAO language certificate?

The countries below accept our language certificate through EASA mutual recognition according to REGULATION (EU) 2018/1139 Article 67. Our test meets the ICAO English Language Proficiency Requirements for licensing purposes and is approved by the Danish Civil Aviation Authority ( see our approval ).

Which is the official website of the ICAO?

This is the official website for ICAO’s initiative on Language Proficiency Requirements (LPR). Here you will find a lot of information related to the programme. Kindly note that the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly (October 2013) adopted Resolution A38/8 – Proficiency in the English language used for radiotelephony communications.