What is dosulepin 25mg used for?

What is dosulepin 25mg used for?

Dosulepin is used in the treatment of anxiety disorder. It is used in patients intolerant of or unresponsive to alternative other treatment options for depression. Dosulepin is a tricyclic antidepressant. It increases the levels of chemical messengers in the brain that help in regulating the mood and treat depression.

What is difference between dosulepin and Dothiepin?

Dosulepin is the English and German generic name of the drug and its INN and BAN , while dosulepin hydrochloride is its BANM and JAN . Dothiepin is the former BAN of the drug while dothiepin hydrochloride is the former BANM and remains the current USAN .

Why is dosulepin being discontinued?

12th edition. Informa Healthcare, London 2015. Dosulepin should not be prescribed for any indication because evidence supporting its tolerability relative to other antidepressants is outweighed by the increased cardiac risk and toxicity in overdose.

What is Dothep?

Dothep belongs to a group of medicines called tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs). TCA medicines work by correcting the imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain. These chemicals, called amines, are involved in controlling mood. By correcting this imbalance, TCAs can help relieve the symptoms of depression.

Is dosulepin good for anxiety?

Dosulepin is an antidepressant, which can be used for anxiety, depression or insomnia. On stopping antidepressants ‘discontinuation’ symptoms can occur. These symptoms are usually mild and may be lessened by slowly lowering the dose in small steps.

How do I get rid of dosulepin?

Dosulepin should not be stopped abruptly unless serious side effects have occurred. Slowly tapering the dose over 3 to 4 weeks can help prevent discontinuation symptoms. These symptoms may include anxiety, flu-like symptoms and insomnia.

Does dosulepin help anxiety?

Can I stop taking dosulepin?

Do not stop taking dosulepin without talking to your doctor. You may suffer side effects if you stop taking it suddenly. If you and your doctor agree that you should stop taking dosulepin, your doctor will probably recommend reducing your dose gradually over several weeks.

Does dosulepin cause dementia?

Anticholinergics for depression, such as amitriptyline, dosulepin, and paroxetine, have previously been linked to higher risk of dementia, even when they were used up to 20 years beforehand. Some studies have also suggested that use of any anticholinergic is linked to raised risk of dementia.

Can Dothep cause weight gain?

Weight loss, urinary frequency, mydriasis. Increased appetite and weight gain have been reported but it is not known whether they are due to relief of depression or to the drug. Adverse events have been reported during post-approval use of dothiepin.

What are the side effects of dosulepin?

Common side effects include constipation, feeling dizzy, a dry mouth, feeling sleepy, difficulty peeing, or headaches. Dosulepin can cause extra side effects if you stop taking it suddenly. Talk to your doctor if you’re thinking of stopping taking dosulepin.

How long does it take for dosulepin to work?

Some people feel worse during the first few weeks of treatment before they feel better. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for dosulepin to fully work against depression, and 2 to 6 weeks for dosulepin to fully work against pain or migraine.