What is contravention meaning?

What is contravention meaning?

1 : to go or act contrary to : violate contravene a law. 2 : to oppose in argument : contradict contravene a proposition.

What is contravention in law?

Contravention is, in French law, an act which violates the law, a treaty or an agreement which the party has made. It designates a minor infraction, as opposed to a delict or misdemeanor, or a crime.

What is contravention in a sentence?

1. Sending the troops was a contravention of the treaty. He was in direct contravention of the law. 4. These actions are in contravention of European law.

How do you use contravene in a sentence?

Contravene in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because your actions contravene school policy, you’re being suspended for ten days.
  2. The devout girl refused to contravene her religious beliefs by having sex outside of marriage.
  3. While the act doesn’t contravene any national or state laws, it does go against my moral principles.

Which is in contravention?

: in a way not allowed by (a law, rule, contract, etc.) : in violation of He cut off trade with the country in contravention of their treaty.

What is non contravention?

Non-Contravention Contravention: An action that violates a law, treaty, or other ruling. Non Contravention: Clause is to ensure that this particular agreement does not violate or conflict with any laws or previous agreements.

Which is the closest synonym for the word contravene group of answer choices?

Frequently Asked Questions About contravene Some common synonyms of contravene are contradict, deny, and gainsay. While all these words mean “to refuse to accept as true or valid,” contravene implies not so much an intentional opposition as some inherent incompatibility.

What is the noun of contravene?

/ˌkɒntrəˈvenʃn/ /ˌkɑːntrəˈvenʃn/ [uncountable, countable] ​the fact of doing something that is not allowed by a law or rule synonym infringement. These actions are in contravention of European law.

What is 52M contravention in traffic?

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) 52M Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle (motor vehicles) (buses and pedal cycles allowed 7am-7pm Monday to Friday) it is because the vehicle was seen passing through Bank Junction during the restricted time.

What are examples of violations?

The definition of a violation is a breach of a law or of a code of behavior. When you drive your car faster than the speed limit, this is an example of a violation of the law. When you read someone’s diary this is an example of a violation of privacy. An offense against the public welfare.

What is the best definition of violate?

1 : break, disregard violate the law. 2 : to do harm to the person or especially the chastity of specifically : rape sense 1. 3 : to fail to show proper respect for : profane violate a shrine. 4 : interrupt, disturb violate the peace of a spring evening— Nancy Larter.

Which is the best definition of the word contravention?

Definition of contravention. : the act of contravening : violation. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about contravention. Keep scrolling for more.

What is the legal definition of contravene in France?

A term of French law meaning an act violative of a law, a treaty, or an agreement made between parties; a breach of law punishable by a fine of fifteen francs or less and by an imprisonment of three days or less. In the U.S. legal system, a breach or violation of the provisions of a contract, statute, or treaty.

How is a contravention of the law punished in France?

CONTRAVENTION, French law. An act which violates the law, a treaty or an agreement which the party has made. The Penal Code, art. 1, denominates a contravention, that infraction of the law punished by a fine, which does not exceed fifteen francs, and an imprisonment not exceeding three days.

Which is an example of a contravention of morality?

Thus, moral behaviour is sustained by the value of reputation, which in turn depends on there being a network of associations, so that contraventions of morality become generally known. Inquiries are proceeding to establish whether a contravention has taken place. Example from the Hansard archive.