What is a Section 24 sewer?

What is a Section 24 sewer?

‘A Section 24 Sewer’ is a drain which serves more one Property which was in existence pre 1st January 1937 and is the responsibility of the Sewage Undertaker. ‘A Sewage Undertaker’ means one of the 10 regional bodies responsible for the disposal of waste and surface water.

Can I see the drainage plans for my house?

To find the drains on your property, consult with your local council to search for the drainage plans for your property based on the age of your property. A CCTV drain survey can also map and record the drainage system on your property if you are unable to find property deeds.

What is a lateral drain Welsh water?

A lateral drain is a length of pipe which carries wastewater away from your property to a sewer. It’s usually located outside your property boundary, often under a public pavement or road. Most sewers are publicly owned and are maintained by your water company.

Can you build over a sewer line Welsh water?

We do not allow structures to be built over or near water mains, or pressurised sewers, due to the risks involved.

Can I build over a sewer pipe?

Yes. You will need to apply for and gain our approval. Building over or near to a sewer pipe could lead to the pipe, or your home, being damaged. If there are sewer pipes on your land, you do need to consider the position, size and design of your building work before you start and liaise with us before the work begins.

How far down are water pipes buried?

Underground piping shall be buried not less than 18 inches below the surface of the ground unless otherwise protected. All underground piping shall be protected from corrosion by coating in compliance with Section 533(b) or equivalent.

Who is responsible for blocked drains Wales?

What does the council own? Councils are responsible for all blockages on properties they manage, highway drains and gulleys.

How close can you build to a drain?

Any sewers where the invert level is more than 1.1m below ground level must run at least 500mm away from the foundations. If the invert level is more than 2m below finished ground level, any proposed foundations must be at least 1m from the sewer.

Can you build over a gravity sewer?

How close to a drain can you build?

Where are lateral drains located in Welsh Water?

Building over (or close to) 8 Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water a public sewer or lateral drain These are some typical examples of extensions. Sewers and lateral drains can be located anywhere around your property. Before you start work, it’s really important to find out where they are. Key:

When did Welsh Water take over the sewerage network?

On that date ownership of most private sewers and lateral drains which connect to the public sewerage network in Welsh Water’s operating area transferred to the company.

Do you need permission to build over Welsh Water?

There’s a good chance that there are some pipes within your property boundary which are owned by Welsh Water. There may be more than one sewer pipe within your property boundary, i.e a foul sewer and a surface water sewer. If you’re building over sewers and drains owned by Welsh Water, you need our permission first.

Who is responsible for public sewers in Wales?

Welsh Water is responsible for all public sewers within our operating area – that’s most of Wales, and parts of Hereford and Deeside – this includes the maintenance of them.