What is a good bull to cow ratio elk?

What is a good bull to cow ratio elk?

Munig said units 1, 9, 10 and 23 are managed for higher bull population. These units have a 35/100 bull to cow ratio or higher, thus some bulls live to be older resulting in a higher density of trophy bulls. Most other units maintain a 25-35/100 ratio.

What state has the largest bull elk?

Colorado has the largest elk herd in the country at almost 280,000.

Are elk aggressive?

Elk are larger than both black bears and grizzly bears and, even though they might seem calm and aloof, they can react quite quickly to certain situations. There are two periods during the year when elk can be especially aggressive. This is when you should be more alert when hiking in elk country.

What is the average lifespan of an elk?

10 – 13 yearsIn the wild

How big was the 500 Club bull elk?

Jason Lloyd finally made the 500 CLUB on his forth elk hunt with me this fall, taking down this monster 529″ (with a impressive outside spread of 74″) trophy in the peak of the rut as this bull came into our calls. It was an amazing day as he could share this with his 9 year old son Lochen and his father Bob, three generations of hunters together!

How big does a 400 class elk get?

For a truly monster elk, we recommend a 400″ class bull. Our typical bulls will average 400-430″ and the sys the limit for non-typicals. I have several non-typicals available each year over 600″.

Why are there 500 Club elk in Canada?

The “500 Club” was started by Silvertine to honor not only the hunters that shoot these massive 500″ plus bulls, but to also honor the bulls that grew their tremendous set of antlers. Being one of Canada’s longest running Hunt Ranches we know every breeder in the country, so we can find that “Dream” bull you have always been hunting for.

How much does a bull elk hunt cost?

Trophy bull elk hunts start at SILVER PACKAGE 350-380. GOLD 381-400. we specialize in 400+ TROPHY class BULL ELK. BULL basin ranch FOR A GREAT HUNTING EXPERIENCE, 5-star lodging, fine food, AND huge trophy bull elk.