What is a flying rat?

What is a flying rat?

Noun. flying rat (plural flying rats) (derogatory) a rock pigeon, or a seagull, living in an urban environment, especially one regarded as pesky, loud or a scavenger.

Why did Darko betray Niko?

Biography. Darko grew up in the same village in Yugoslavia as Niko Bellic and Florian Cravic. He then served alongside them in the same squad – which included twelve other boys from the village – during the Yugoslav wars. Darko developed a drug addiction and betrayed the squad for $1,000.

Can you rappel from the Annihilator?

As of the Smuggler’s Run Update, rear passengers can rappel down the Annihilator, if the vehicle is held steady at a low altitude.

Can you put missiles on the Annihilator?

Like the Akula, the Annihilator features an array of weapons available for use by the pilot: However, the Akula can only fire up to four missiles in a barrage, compared to the Hunter’s seven.

Where are the pigeons in Grand Theft Auto 4?

Pigeon (6/200): This pigeon is on the roof of a building. You most likely need a helicopter to reach this one, though there may be another way up. You can take one of the Helitours Mavericks from the landing site in Fishmarket South, Algonquin. The pigeon is in the doorway at the east end of the roof.

Where are the pigeons on Plumbers Skyway in GTA 4?

Plumbers Skyway & Barsac Ave (Tudor) Follow the concrete pillar supporting the skyway that’s on the north side of the water, west side of the skyway. The pigeon is at the very top of the pillar on the metal joint. 12. Plumbers Skyway & Emery St (Tudor)

How do you kill a pigeon in GTA 5?

To enable sleep mode, open the Options menu and scroll down to “Turn Sleep Mode On.” Double Check – If you happen to come across a pigeon yourself, it might benefit you to read the text description just the same to ensure that you killed the correct one.

Where are the pigeons at acter industrial park?

Toggle Ave & Grommet St (Acter Industrial Park) On the very top of a corrugated A-frame roof just off Toggle. You can climb the dumpsters nearby to reach the rooftops. 03. Grommet St (Acter Industrial Park)