What is 50lb paper used for?

What is 50lb paper used for?

20 bond/50 lb paper would commonly be used as copy and printer paper. It is inexpensive and it would not be a good idea to use this 72 gsm paper for wedding programs, brochures and any other type of printing in which you want to make a statement. 24/60 lb text weight paper could also be used for copy paper.

What is 50lb paper in GSM?

75 gsm
Common Paper Mistake…

3) 28lb Bond/Writing/Ledger 105 gsm
4) 32lb Bond/Writing/Ledger 120 gsm
5) 50lb Book/Text/Offset 75 gsm
6) 60lb Book/Text/Offset 90 gsm

Is 60 lb paper thick?

Beyond slight subtleties, there is no difference between 24 lb paper and 60 lb paper. They’re the same thickness, same texture, and same weight. Either paper type can be used for the same thing and interchangeable when you order printing. They’re two different names and numbers for the same sheet of paper.

What is the heaviest weight cardstock?

Super heavy cardstock includes thick card stock items that are 100 lb. cover weight and above. These thick cardstock options work well for projects that need a heavier, more substantial material.

What’s the weight of a heavy weight paper?

Heavy Weight Papers: Cover also comes in heavier weights, typically anything above 80 pounds Like a heavy greeting card with weights typically available in 100-pound cover and above Must be scored before folding May not print in some home printers – test first! *

How much weight is a piece of pasteboard paper?

A Card Stock or Pasteboard paper. Known commonly to be used for business cards and greeting cards, but can also be applied to brochures and flyers. It is commonly used as 80 LB Cover Weight, although some brands of paper offer cover weight paper that is 100 LB or heavier.

How is the basis weight of a sheet of paper measured?

Paper weight, also known as BASIS WEIGHT is measured in pounds per 500 sheets within it’s category If 500 sheets of a standard sheet in a category weights 100 lbs., then the paper weight / basis weight of that type of paper will be 100 lb. Each category of paper has a unique “basis weight”

What’s the difference between a 65lb and 67lb paperweight?

Notice that the 67lb Vellum Bristol has a lower gsm than a 65lb cover because they are two different categories of cardstocks and are scaled differently. We hope this clarifies the difference between paperweights, and gives you a better understanding of what will fit your application best!