What happened to Gaspar Corte Real?

What happened to Gaspar Corte Real?

Corte-Real, Gaspar Two of the vessels returned with native captives, but his vessel disappeared. His brother Miguel searched for him the following year, but was lost as well.

What did Gaspar Corte Real discover?

Gaspar Corte-Real
Citizenship Kingdom of Portugal
Occupation Navigator, explorer
Known for Exploring the North American coast
Parent(s) João Vaz Corte-Real (father)

Who did Gaspar Corte Real sail for?

Gaspar Corte Real (gəshpär´ kôr´tə rĕäl´), c. 1450–1501?, Portuguese explorer. Sent by King Manuel I to search for the Northwest Passage, he is said to have discovered Greenland in 1500 and may have touched on the North American coast. He made a second voyage with his brother Miguel in 1501.

When was Gaspar Corte Real born?

Gaspar Corte-Real/Date of birth

He was an explorer. Little is known of the early years of Corte Real’s life, except what has been deduced by historians. According to Henry Harrisse (1892) Gaspar Corte Real was born about the year 1450.

Which two explorers were eventually lost at sea?

Gaspar and Miguel Corte-Real In a chilling coincidence, the Portuguese brothers Gaspar and Miguel Corte-Real both vanished during separate voyages to the coastline of modern-day Canada.

Where was Gaspar Corte born?

Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal
Gaspar Corte-Real/Place of birth

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