What happened to Bankia?

What happened to Bankia?

Caixabank has announced the terms of the acquisition of state-owned lender Bankia in a deal that will create Spain’s biggest domestic bank. Caixabank said on Friday that its board had agreed the previous day to approve and sign the joint merger plan, creating a bank with around €600bn (£548bn) in assets.

Where is Bankia located?


Headquarters at Gate of Europe I, Madrid
Successor CaixaBank
Headquarters Madrid and Valencia, Spain
Area served Spain
Key people José Ignacio Goirigolzarri (Executive Chairman) José Sevilla (CEO)

Is Bankia a bank?

Bankia is the fourth largest bank in Spain by volume of assets. Bankia signed the Equator Principles in July 2018. In 2021 Bankia merged with CaixaBank to create a new entity but preservering the name of the latter.

Who took over Bankia?

CaixaBank agreed to buy Bankia last year for €4.3 billion which would create Spain’s largest retail bank with over €650 billion in assets.

What is the swift code for Bankia Spain?


Is there a Bankia branch in London?

Bankia branch in CL LONDON, 102-104 (Barcelona)

How do I close my Bankia account?

You can still give it a shot and contact Bankia online: https://www.bankia.es/en/personal-banking Just scroll down, you’ll find a button named “Write to us”. Note: Don’t forget to download all statements (as pdf) to your computer. Once the account is terminated, you’ll lose the access to your (online) account.

Is Bankia now caixabank?

Bankia – which took over from the ill-fated Caja Madrid a decade ago is now obsolete as a brand and its name will no longer exist. Instead clients will automatically find themselves with accounts under Caixabank, which will retain its logo and trading name.

What is digital signature Bankia?

The digital signature is a numerical password between five and eight characters that it will obtain at the time of the contracting of the service. Additionally can unblock its digital signature key in any ATM of Bankia by entering one of your current cards.

What is the IBAN code for Bankia Spain?

What is the IBAN code for Bankia S.A. in Spain?

Bankia S.A. IBAN example in Spain ES9121000418450200051332
IBAN in print format ES91 2100 0418 4502 0005 1332
Country code ES
Check digits 91
Bank code 2100

Do I need to close my Spanish bank account?

Don’t leave your Spanish account without any money in it The Bank of Spain has warned account holders in the country that when cancelling an account “it isn’t enough to leave your balance at zero”, but rather that you have to contact the bank to give express written instructions to cancel the account.