What famous person was born in Iowa?

What famous person was born in Iowa?

Johnny Carson: Born John William Carson on October 23, 1925 (died January 23, 2005) in Corning, Iowa. Carson was a television host, comedian, writer, producer, actor, and musician known for 30 years as host of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” (1962–1992).

Who is the most famous person born in Iowa?

Famous People from Iowa

  • John Wayne Birthplace.
  • Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum.
  • Glenn Miller Birthplace Home & Museum.
  • Johnny Carson Birthplace Home.
  • Birthstone of Captain James T.
  • Meredith Willson Boyhood Home.
  • Carrie Lane Chapman Catt Girlhood Home & Museum.
  • Donna Reed Center for the Performing Arts.

Are there any celebrities in Iowa?

Iowa may not be Hollywood, but there are a surprisingly large number of famous people from Iowa. This humble Midwest state boasts a lot of celebrities. He was born in Corning and moved throughout southwest Iowa in his childhood before leaving the state for Nebraska.

What is Iowa famous food?

Iowa Foods that Everyone Needs to Try in Their Lifetime

  • Pork Tenderloins.
  • Iowa Sweet Corn.
  • Breakfast Pizza.
  • Maid Rites.
  • Ham Balls.
  • Scotcharoos.
  • Puppy Chow.
  • Taco Pizza.

What are people from Iowa called?


State federal district or territory Official (recommended by US GPO)
Illinois Illinoisan
Indiana Hoosier
Iowa Iowan
Kansas Kansan

What is the wealthiest town in Iowa?

Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Iowa

Rank City RichScore
1 Bondurant 1.83
2 Waukee 8.67
3 North Liberty 9.33
4 Johnston 10.0

What is the most eaten food in Iowa?

Iowa’s most iconic dish is found at a grocery store. B&B Grocery earned the accolades for its breaded pork tenderloin, or more accurately, its “killer pork breaded pork tenderloin” found at the family-owned deli that opened in 1922. “If there’s one food Iowa is known for, it’s pork tenderloin.

What fruit is Iowa known for?

Iowa is famous for corn, soybeans and the Red Delicious apple. That may be, but the Red Delicious, originally named the “Hawkeye,” will always be the “apple of thine eye” for my family and for all Iowans.

What is a fun fact about Iowa?

Iowa became the 29th state on December 28, 1846. Iowa is the only state bordered by two navigable rivers; the Missouri River to the west and the Mississippi River to the east. The capital of Iowa is Des Moines. Iowa’s nickname is the Hawkeye state.

Who is the most famous person from Iowa?

Iowa is a state wherein so many distinguished personalities started their humble journey from. One of the most notable celebrities from Iowa has to be actor and human rights activist, Ashton Kutcher. The legendary John Wayne was also born in Iowa, wherein his birthplace is still preserved as a historic site.

Who are some famous people from Denison Iowa?

One of America’s most beloved sweethearts, Donna Reed, was born in Denison in 1921. Learn about her life, awards and honors at this 1914 German opera house that contains the Donna Reed Heritage Museum and Donna Reed Theatre.

Who are some famous people from Cedar Rapids?

This Pulitzer Prize-winning author earned her M.F.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. Movie star and Cedar Rapids native best known for his role as Frodo Baggins in the blockbuster trilogy Lord of the Rings. Leader of the Regionalist art movement and painter of American Gothic .

Who was born in Riverside Iowa in 2228?

Then of course you have to visit the birthstone of Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk, who according to the popular TV show Star Trek, will be born in Riverside on March 22, 2228. See a scale model of the USS Riverside, which resembles the USS Enterprise, docked in the city park.