What does Lean jawed mean?

What does Lean jawed mean?

Show Definitions. Lantern-jawed adjective – Having a protruding jaw giving the face a gaunt appearance. Lean-jawed and lantern-jawed are semantically related. In some cases you can replace phrase “Lean-jawed” with “Lantern-jawed”, this phrases are similar. Synonyms for Lantern-jawed.

What is the means of jawed?

Jawed (Persian: جاويد‎); Javed, Javid (Urdu: جاويد‎); Jawed, Javed (Punjabi: ਜਾਵੇਦ) is a masculine given name of Persian origin meaning of “eternal, immortal” and is also the word for “eternity”.

Is jawed a Scrabble word?

Yes, jawed is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the meaning of firm jawed in English?

jawed, adj.: firm-jawed. WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2021. jaw 1 ( jô), n. either of two bones, the mandible or maxilla, forming the framework of the mouth.

What does Javed mean in Arabic?

Javed is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Javed name meanings is Eternal, perpetual, Immortal, living forever, Everlasting.

What does jawing someone mean?

1 to criticize (someone) severely or angrily especially for personal failings. you don’t have to jaw me to death just because I bite my nails.

What is firm name?

“Firm name” means a name of the firm or unit of the firm which identifies the firm or a unit of the firm and allows to distinguish it from other firms and units of firms.

What does the name Fahad mean in Islam?

fa-had. Origin:Arabic. Popularity:5698. Meaning:panther or leopard.

What is a jarring word?

A loud, abrupt, shocking noise is jarring. If the sound of your telephone ringing is jarring, it will make you jump. The word comes from the verb jar, “to disturb, perturb, or produce a harsh sound.”

What does Butters mean slang?

Filters. (British slang) Unattractive, ugly or repulsive. adjective.

What does the term ” lantern jawed ” mean?

The steward was a tall, lank, lantern-jawed man, whose cheek-bones were almost as prominent as his long nose. His honest, lantern-jawed face was gray and drawn. He was lantern-jawed, and it did seem as though his dry, shaven lips had never in all his life wrinkled into a smile.

What does slack jawed mean in Urban Dictionary?

We—or rather Raglin and one or two others—jawed for an hour; but the wretches never yielded an inch. I wonder if that square-jawed devil has got a glimpse of us and is trying a lone-handed stalk himself? An amount of slack in the chain caused the balls to knock on passing this roller before entering the pump bottom.

Who is the slack jawed guy in the world?

To the contrary: since the 2011 ouster of Gaddafi, the world has cut Libya a lot of slack. Square-jawed and muscular—in snapshots he looks like Channing Tatum in camo—Gibbs seemed to fit the mold of the ideal soldier. Still, a tight-jawed smile, wild eyes and a southern California drawl remind me of Matthew McConaughey.