What does Hellman and Friedman own?

What does Hellman and Friedman own?

Hellman & Friedman LLC (H&F) is an American private equity firm, founded in 1984 by Warren Hellman and Tully Friedman, that makes investments primarily through leveraged buyouts as well as growth capital investments….Hellman & Friedman.

Type Private, LLC
Website www.hf.com

How much is Hellman and Friedman worth?

Over our investing history, we have invested in over 100 companies. We are currently investing our tenth fund, with $24.4 billion of committed capital, and we have over $90 billion in assets under management as of July 1, 2021.

Who owns h& F?

H&F Bread Co. was founded in 2008 by James Beard Award-winning Chef Linton Hopkins and his long time friend and entrepreneur Joe Best. Their vision was to produce something that couldn’t be found elsewhere in Atlanta at the time: delicious artisan bread, baked fresh daily.

Where are Hellman and Friedman private equity firms located?

Founded in 1984, Hellman & Friedman (H&F) is one of the oldest and most experienced private equity investment firms operating today. We are well respected for our distinctive investment philosophy and focused approach targeting large-scale equity investments in companies in select sectors. H&F has offices in San Francisco, New York and London.

Who are the members of Hellman and Friedman?

In 1997, Friedman left the firm to found Friedman Fleischer & Lowe, a private equity firm also based in San Francisco. As of 2011, H&F employed approximately 50 investment professionals, including 15 managing directors, 6 principals and 13 associates as well as senior advisors and general counsels.

What does Hellman and Friedman do for a living?

H&F has developed considerable experience addressing these complex issues and is a leading private equity investor in select service sectors, among others. We also continuously seek to identify new industries or sub-sectors that meet our investment criteria to maximize our opportunity set.

What are the target industries for Hellman and Friedman?

H&F has focused its efforts on several core target industries including media, financial services, professional services and information services. The firm tends to avoid asset intensive or other industrial businesses (e.g., manufacturing, chemicals, transportation).