What does a LightCycler do?

What does a LightCycler do?

The LightCycler® 480 System is a proven high-performance, medium-to high-throughput PCR platform that provides various methods for gene detection, gene expression analysis, genetic variation analysis, and array data validation.

What is Light cycler?

LightCycler technology combines rapid-cycle polymerase chain reaction with real-time fluorescent monitoring and melting curve analysis. By monitoring product accumulation during rapid amplification, quantitative polymerase chain reaction in a closed-tube system is possible in 15 to 30 minutes.

What does RT-PCR stand for?

RT–PCR is a variation of PCR, or polymerase chain reaction. The two techniques use the same process except that RT–PCR has an added step of reverse transcription of RNA to DNA, or RT, to allow for amplification.

How long does a RT-PCR test take?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). PCR is the most reliable and accurate test for detecting active infection. PCR tests typically take hours to perform, but some are faster. Antigen test: This detects bits of proteins on the surface of the virus called antigens. Antigen tests typically take only 15 to 30 minutes.

What can RT-PCR detect?

PCR is one of the most widely used diagnostic tests for detecting pathogens, including viruses, that cause diseases such as Ebola, African swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease.

What is LightCycler 96 and what does it do?

The innovative LightCycler® 96 Application and Instrument Software creates a simple analysis workflow with easy import and export functions, email notifications after each run, online monitoring flexibility, and server-based network interfacing.

How to use the Roche LightCycler 96 system?

Connection via network or USB stick, remote data analysis via email. Cost-effective value packs of reagents and disposables. Choose between multiwell plates and tube strips provided with caps. Stay updated on all Roche products and offers by subscribing for email communications. > Want more information?

What can LightCycler 480 qPCR platform be used for?

The LightCycler® 480 Instrument is a high-performance, flexible throughput qPCR platform (with interchangeable 96- or 384-well blocks) that provides various methods for gene detection, gene expression analysis, genetic variation analysis, and pathogen detection.

Which is the best LightCycler instrument to use?

Ideal for all levels of experience, the LightCycler® 96 Instrument provides an optimal combination of temperature homogeneity and data reproducibility. Comprehensive programming options, a large touchscreen, and intuitive analysis software make it easy to obtain publication-ready results.