What do you write on a 1st birthday cake?

What do you write on a 1st birthday cake?

1st Birthday Cake Message

  1. First Happy Birthday Bash.
  2. First Birthday Blast.
  3. I am One today.
  4. Happy 1st Birthday.
  5. Ria’s First Birthday.
  6. My first trip around the sun.
  7. Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest Birthday Boy.
  8. Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest Birthday Girl.

What do you say for baby’s first birthday?

#1 It was your first trip around the sun, and I sure hope that it was fun. Happy, happy birthday, to a special little one. #2 Happy first birthday, to the cutest baby I have ever seen, with your huge beautiful eyes. You’ve grown so fast this past year, and I can’t wait to see what you grow up to become.

How do you praise a cake?

  1. The cake was beautiful and so tasty. Working with you was a pleasure!
  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful creation!! It was a real work of art!!
  3. The cake was FANTASTIC!!! I have to tell you, the flavor was out of this world.
  4. [The Discus fish] cake was AMAZING!
  5. The cake was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

What do you write in a one year old card?

What to write in a 1st birthday card

  1. I think it’s safe to say that you are the cutest one year old I have ever seen!
  2. We all wish you hundreds more of these wonderful days!
  3. You are a ONE-derful baby!
  4. I can tell that you are only one by the way you open your presents.

What are some good quotes for first birthday?

Happy first birthday. 38) Your birthday cake is symbolic of how your life will turn out to be – sweet, delicious and worth remembering. Happy 1st birthday. 39) The apple of everyone’s eyes finally gets to pick a cherry of his life’s first birthday cake.

Are there any sayings on a birthday cake?

This list of birthday cake sayings is for those who want to do better, whether they’re writing the message themselves or placing that call to the bakery. The following sayings run the gamut from congratulatory to cute to funny – and best of all, they’re all short enough to fit on a typical birthday cake.

What to write in a 1st birthday card for a 1 year old?

Typically, one-year-old babies are not able to read, so write 1st birthday wishes that will appeal to their parents, who will read them to their son or daughter. For the right words to write in a card or eCard for a baby boy, check out the example of 1st birthday wishes below: Happy 1st birthday, beautiful boy!

What to write on a birthday cake for an 8 year old girl?

Question: What is something sweet to write on a cake for an 8-year-old girl? Answer: Here are some suggestions: “Sugar, Spice, and You, happy birthday!”, “You make life brighter, happy birthday”, “You make everyone smile, happy birthday”, “The world is better with you, happy birthday”, “You’re a beautiful original, happy birthday”.