What do you need to know about EVA Air?

What do you need to know about EVA Air?

Explore EVA Air’s cabin features and lounge facilities before boarding. Travel in safety with EVA Air.

When does EVA Air return to Los Angeles?

EVA AIR resumes Taipei to Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco Flight in Jul, 2021. GUIDELINES FOR PASSENGERS DEPARTING FROM NORTH AMERICA TO CONNECT EVA AIR VIETNAM EXPERTS CHARTER FLIGHT REGISTRATION 2021 Stay on top of your travel plans with EVA Mobile App, the perfect companion for business and leisure travelers.

How old do you have to be to fly on EVA Air?

Please be advised to check again your total fare after flight selection. Infant does not occupy a seat, and must be under the age of 2 while traveling. Each purchase is limited to 9 tickets (not including infant tickets), and must contain at least 1 adult (over the age of 16). Each adult may only bring 1 infant and 1 child.

When is new EVA Air Flight to Milan?

Taipei (TPE) – Da Nang (DAD) Explore Da Nang with new EVA daily flights starting on December 21, 2019! EVA Air to Launch New Direct Flight to Milan on Feb. 18, 2020. Purchase fare families in Business Class or purchase Plus, on the long-haul flights, and enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi.

How long does it take to make EVA Air reservation?

For complex itineraries with stopovers or multi-leg journeys, please click Multi-city / Stopovers. Reservations can be made from 3-7 hours (depends on routes) to 360 days before departure. Upon completion of the booking, a reservation reference number and ticket number will be generated automatically by the system.

Where does the airline name EVA Air come from?

The name “EVA” was taken from two letters of “Evergreen” and the first letter of “Airways.”. The name “EVA” is always spelled in capital letters and is pronounced “E-V-A”. The airline uses the logo of its parent company, using green with an orange trim.

When did EVA Air start flying Premium Economy?

The airline was one of the first carriers to introduce the Premium Economy class (previously called Elite Class by EVA Air), which it debuted in 1991. EVA Air began commercial services in 1991 with Boeing 767 aircraft.

When did the new EVA Air uniform come out?

On 24 August 2017, EVA Air unveiled its third-generation uniform, designed by fashion house Shiatzy Chen. Those new uniforms were rolled out in November 2017, replacing the second generation uniform that was introduced in 2003. On 2 October 2018, EVA Air took delivery of its first of four Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.


How many children can you take on EVA Air?

Travel in safety with EVA Air. Each transaction may only purchase a total of 9 tickets (not including infant tickets) and must contain at least 1 adult (over 16 years old), each adult may only bring 1 infant (Infant does not occupy a seat, and must be under the age of 2 while traveling.) and 1 child, or at most 3 children.