What do the numbers on a Griswold skillet mean?

What do the numbers on a Griswold skillet mean?

Griswold Manufacturing was a bit more complex in their numbering system, with the numbers seemingly unrelated to the size of a piece. For example, a size #6 Griswold skillet has a pattern number of 699 while a #7 is pattern 701 and a #8 is pattern 704.

Is Griswold better than lodge?

The metal in the Griswold is thinner, but seems to hold the heat just as well. But the real beauty of the Griswold is that the cooking surface is machined much smoother than is the surface of either my Wagner or Lodge pans. It is therefore more stick resistant and easier to clean. It also heats up faster.

How big is a Griswold #5 skillet?

No. Top Diameter in inches Bottom Diameter in inches
5 8 6 3/4
6 9 1/8 7 1/2
7 9 7/8 8 1/4
8 10 5/8 8 7/8

Are all Griswold skillets marked?

Griswold pieces like skillets and dutch ovens are inscribed with their size number and a pattern number. Other Griswold pieces like gem and muffin pans have both an item number and a pattern number inscribed in them. The Griswold pattern number is then appended with a letter unique to each working pattern.

How big is a Griswold #10 skillet?

No. Top Diameter in inches Depth in inches
10 11 3/4 2 1/8
11 12 1/2 2 1/8
12 13 3/8 2 1/4
13 14 1/4 2 1/4

How do you season a Griswold skillet?

Once the pan is clean, it should be seasoned. This is done by warming it in the oven for a few minutes then applying a little shortening, vegetable oil, lard, or bacon fat to the surface of the pan. Put the skillet back into a 225-degree-Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes.

When did they stop making Griswold cast iron?

Griswold Manufacturing

Industry Cast-iron cookware
Defunct 1957
Fate Acquired
Successor McGraw-Edison
Headquarters Erie, Pennsylvania , United States

How big is a Griswold 8 skillet?

about 10.5 inches
This is a Griswold size #8 and it measures about 10.5 inches in diameter.