What days are Convocation at liberty University?

What days are Convocation at liberty University?

Convocation is on Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 A.M.

How often is convocation at Liberty University?

Wednesday & Friday | 10:30 a.m. | Williams Stadium Liberty University’s Convocation is North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students. Each year, we host more than 80 nationally known speakers from a variety of fields.

Is convocation a graduation?

Convocation ceremonies are celebrations of graduating engineering students and their achievements, presented by the Fulton Schools. Convocation is a high-spirited celebration of our graduating students. Students are individually recognized for their academic achievement.

Why is Liberty University’s acceptance rate so low?

Why is liberty so selective? Liberty University is generally a selective school, but this is due to the large applicant pool. Students will, in general, need strong grades and high test scores to be admitted to Liberty.

Can you wear leggings at Liberty University?

Now, at Liberty, students cannot wear whatever they would like to class, such as pajamas, shorts, or sweatpants. The reason LU has this rule is to help students get ready for the real professional world. But, the important thing, is that girls CAN wear leggings and have holes in their jeans for class (praise Jesus).

Is alcohol allowed at Liberty University?

Liberty University prohibits the possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, nicotine, illegal drugs, and non-prescribed controlled substances by its students, whether this occurs on or off campus.

What do you wear to convocation?

Ideally, you want to pick a comfortable but semi-formal outfit, such as a classic midi dress or a cute lace mini, paired with heels or chic flats. Alternatively, you could wear a relaxed suit. You also want to be modest and not show off too much skin.

What is the point of convocation?

In the context of higher education, convocation may be operationally defined as an assembly of members of the college community who come together for any or all of the following purposes: (1) to celebrate new students’ entry into higher education, (2) to officially welcome new students to the college, (3) to formally …

Is a degree from Liberty University worth it?

A degree earned from Liberty University is respected by graduate schools and employers. It’s a selective school (51% acceptance rate) with conservative Christian proclivity. Liberty University also has regional accreditation, which is widely regarded as more prestigious than national accreditation.

When is the convocation at Liberty University?

Convocation | Wednesday & Friday | 10:30 a.m. Liberty University’s Convocation is North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students. Each year, we host more than 80 nationally known speakers from a variety of fields. Wednesday & Friday | 10:30 A.M.

What to do when you get to Liberty University?

Find out what life is like at Liberty University – join us for ExperienceLU! Engage with faculty and staff, sample food from different dining locations, learn about student services, take a look at sports and… Are you ready to start your journey to becoming a college student?

When is the Virginia Commonwealth Games at Liberty University?

Virginia Commonwealth Games–Basketball Tournament GAME START TIMES Friday – 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm Saturday – 8am – 8pm Sunday – 8am – TBD (based on number… View more events… Looking for an unforgettable camp experience? Look no further than Liberty University! Offering a wide variety of camps for students of all ages, there is…

When is Summer Story time at Liberty University?

Job seekers welcome! Children’s Summer Story Time Curriculum Library (Terrace Level of the Jerry Falwell Library) June & July 2021 Every Thursday | 10-10:30 a.m. All children between the ages of 4 and 10 are invited to attend a…