What data can we get from Facebook login?

What data can we get from Facebook login?

What data can be obtained about a user who logs in with Facebook Oauth?

  • Full name.
  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • ID.
  • Gender.
  • Language.
  • Email address.

Can I trust Facebook with my data?

Easy: stop using Facebook. If the history of data leaks can teach us anything, it’s that you can’t trust any company with your private data, but especially not one that has based its whole business model on collecting and selling it. The worst thing is that Facebook doesn’t even think this is a problem.

Is login with Facebook secure?

So long as you’re using a strong password and have set up two-factor authentication for your Facebook or Google account, then go for it. It will be safer than most alternatives.

Does Facebook login use OAuth?

Web OAuth Login settings enables any OAuth client token flows that use the Facebook web login dialog to return tokens to your own website. This setting is in the Products > Facebook Login > Settings section of the App Dashboard.

How do I log into Facebook direct?

If you are already logged into Facebook, go to your Home tab and click the arrow on the top right corner. When the dropdown menu expands, you’ll see the pages which you have admin access to. You will see the page shown below. Click on whichever Facebook business page you want to access.

How do I reduce my information on Facebook?

You can’t stop all of this data collection, but you can curb it. Head to the Facebook permissions page—under Apps and notifications and Facebook in Android settings and under Facebook in iOS settings—to block Facebook’s access to your phone’s location, your contacts, your phone’s microphone and camera, and more.

What does login with Facebook mean?

This is thanks, in large part, to Login With Facebook, the social network’s universal login API, which allows users to carry their profile information to other apps and websites. You’ve probably used it to log in to services like Spotify, Airbnb, and Tinder.

Is OAuth used for login?

– probably use some kind of login data to sync with each other and allow you to administer them from a browser or client device. These devices use what OAuth calls confidential authorization. That means they hold onto the secret key information, so you don’t have to log in over and over again.

Why did the trust in Facebook drop by 66 percent?

Facebook users’ confidence in the company has plunged by 66 percent as a result of revelations that data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica inappropriately acquired data on tens of millions of Facebook users — and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s public mea culpa during two days of congressional hearings last week did not change that, a new report reveals.

Why do people not have trust in Facebook?

“It is foolish to believe Facebook or any other [social network] would be committed to protecting my privacy,” another said. The majority of respondents made it clear that they want Facebook to tell them when something happens to their data.

What was percentage of trust in Facebook after Cambridge Analytica?

But just one week after NBC News’ U.K. partner ITN Channel 4 News dropped the Cambridge Analytica bombshell, confidence in Facebook dropped to 27 percent. It went up slightly (33 percent) the next week and then dipped to 28 percent after Zuckerberg’s highly publicized testimony on Capitol Hill.

Why do we need to use HTTPS for Facebook login?

Facebook will soon require all uses of Facebook Login on the web, including API calls with our JavaScript SDK, to happen exclusively from pages served over HTTPS. This protects user access tokens from disclosure on the network, keeping people’s data and your application’s authenticated sessions more secure.