What are the different Epiphone Les Paul models?

What are the different Epiphone Les Paul models?

Les Paul Standard.

  • Les Paul Standard PlusTop and Quilt Top PRO.
  • Les Paul Custom.
  • Les Paul Custom 3 Plus.
  • Les Paul Tommy Thayer Spaceman Signature.
  • Les Paul Black Beauty 3.
  • Les Paul ES.
  • Ace Frehley Signature Les Paul.
  • Does Epiphone make custom guitars?

    They are regular production models like the standard models. Note that it says “Custom” in their respective model names, it does NOT say “Epiphone Custom Shop” anywhere on them. The actual Epiphone Custom Shop is a small part of the Japanese Epiphone production, and is indeed a pricey custom shop just like Gibson’s.

    What is the difference between Epiphone Les Paul Custom and Custom Pro?

    THE BOTTOM LINE:The Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro has the same beloved look of a classic Les Paul Custom, but upgrades like coil splitting, a phase switch, and the SlimTaper “D” neck profile make it more versatile and playable than ever.

    Where are the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Made?

    Epiphone Guitars are made in Gibson’s own factory in Asia. Because Gibson owns the Epiphone factory overseas and doesn’t use contract manufacturers, you can be sure that your Epiphone Les Paul is made to the exacting standards of the Gibson Company.

    How do I date my Epiphone Les Paul?

    The first digit is the last digit of the production year, the following four digits are the serial number. Five digits no space after the first digit were used from 1951 to 1956 and from 1961 to 1967 for both acoustic and electric models.

    What’s the difference between a Les Paul Standard and Studio?

    The standard features the original solid body that comes with some serious weight but also allows for the authentic Les Paul sound. On the other hand, the Studio model has a slimmer body that weighs much less, meaning the tone changes slightly and is more suited to the upper mids.

    How do I know what model my Epiphone Les Paul is?

    Epiphone stamps a serial number on each guitar, which after decryption can tell you where and when it was built. Locate the serial number on the headstock of the guitar. With Semi-Hollow models on the label inside the top f-hole and with acoustic guitars on the label inside the sound hole.

    What is the top-of-the-line Epiphone Les Paul?

    The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro is the very top line of the Epiphone Les Paul style guitars. This instrument is a tone machine and capable of producing amazing Les Paul sounds that you’ll think it’s a real Les Paul but it’s not.

    What is the difference between Epiphone, Gibson, and Les Paul?

    The hardware and the electronics that Gibson uses in the guitars are of higher quality as well. This means that they are less likely to wear down and malfunction over a period of time. In the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson uses Burstbucker pickups ; while Epiphone does use quality pickups .

    What is Les Paul Custom Pro?

    The Les Paul Custom PRO includes a ProBucker™-2 humbucker in the neck position that is slightly overwound for greater definition at higher volumes. The bridge pickup is a ProBucker™-3 humbucker, which is also slightly overwound to give your solos a wide tonalrange.

    What is Les Paul standard guitar?

    This plain top Epiphone Les Paul Standard is an electric guitar that delivers all the signature sound of a Gibson Les Paul at a fraction of the cost. The mahogany body provides superb resonance while the Alnico Classic humbucker pickups deliver loads of warmth.