What are the depth icons?

What are the depth icons?

The Depth and Complexity Icons are visual prompts designed to help students go beyond surface level understanding of a concept and enhance their ability to think critically. These critical thinking tools help students dig deeper into a concept (depth) and understand that concept with greater complexity.

What are all of the depth and complexity icons?

The Depth and Complexity icons are tools that will take students of any age deeper into a study of any content area. Each of the eleven prompts acts as a different lens, prompting students to look at a topic in a new way.

What are the elements of depth and complexity?

Broadly speaking, expert knowledge can be categorized in two ways – depth: deep understanding of the content of the field; and complexity: scholarly insights into the connections across time, people and disciplines.

How many GT icons are there?

The most recognizable part of the Depth and Complexity framework is the set of eleven icons that represent the eleven thinking prompts. The eleven elements are divided into two types: depth and complexity. The eight Depth elements are: Language of the Discipline.

Why do we use depth and complexity?

The goal of Depth is to help students to expand their knowledge and expertise while maintaining a balance with the academic content. The goal of Complexity is to challenge students to make connections across disciplines, both over time and between disciplines.

What happens to Misaki and Saruhiko in Sarumi?

Misaki and Saruhiko, both awed, are then offered by one of Mikoto’s companions to join them rather than waste their lives as how it is then. However, Saruhiko eventually came to conclude that they were only wasting their time acting like punks and gangsters, despite having such special power.

What does Sarumi do after Kuroh beats him?

After Kuroh beats the two of the clansmen, Saruhiko looks at Misaki who is screaming out in pain and pulls down his shirt where his HOMRA mark is burning bright. After Saruhiko makes a comment about it and how his king was going to die, Misaki angrily tries to rile him up, but he’s too tired to even care.

Why is Sarumi the most popular ship in K projects?

Sarumi is one – if not the most popular ship in the K Projects fandom, it is due to their past relationship and wanting to be friends again despite not showing it much.

Where is Sarumi in the lost of the king?

While Misaki is with his clan members moruing the lost of their King, Saruhiko is seen standing on the bridge where it connects to the school island watching them, although he is in some pain when the others start chanting for Mikoto, he is somewhat mesmerised when he watches his mark glow and send a red spark to the sky.