What are the best college life hacks?

What are the best college life hacks?

Top 8 College Life Hacks: The Most Helpful Habits

  • Prioritize your nightly sleep.
  • Plan almost everything.
  • Sit at the front in every class.
  • Quiz yourself regularly.
  • Space out your studying.
  • Keep your dorm room open (as often as possible).
  • Spend more time with your professors.

Which life hack app is best?

Well, listed below are 7 life hack apps for people who want help doing stuff they need to do but just don’t feel like doing.

  • Dark Sky.
  • Hello Fresh.
  • MyFitnessPal.
  • Evernote.
  • Raiz.
  • YNAB.
  • Netflix.

What are Simple Life Hacks?

11 Simple Life Hacks You Need to Try to See How Perfect They Are

  • Separate glasses without scratches.
  • A plastic bottle for a clogged toilet.
  • Paper clip or hairpin your tape.
  • Pouring liquid.
  • Cooling your drink quickly.
  • Use chopsticks for chips.
  • Put a stocking over the end of your vacuum cleaner to help you find a tiny item.

How can I hack a life?

10 Essential Ways to Hack Your Life (Instead of Letting Life Hack…

  1. Stop waiting for things to change – change yourself NOW!
  2. Build on your regrets, rather than let them keep you stuck in the past.
  3. Learn something every day.
  4. Stop lying to yourself!
  5. Forgive…for goodness sake!
  6. Think straight to feel great!

What should a first year college student know?

25 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive in Your Freshman Year

  • Go to all orientations.
  • Get to know your roommate and others in your residence hall.
  • Get organized.
  • Find the ideal place for you to study.
  • Go to class.
  • Become an expert on course requirements and due dates.
  • Strive for good grades.

What are some study hacks?

Get New Study Hacks on a Daily Basis

  • Create Mental Associations.
  • Draw Diagrams.
  • Times New Roman is the Fastest Font to Read.
  • Use Apps to Block Distracting Sites.
  • Watch a Documentary on the Topic.
  • Search Google Like a Pro.
  • Create Flashcards for Quick Memory Buzz.
  • Take Regular Study Breaks.

What is the best productivity app for Iphone?

For Getting Things Done

  1. OmniFocus. This app is, while pricey, considered to be one of the (if not the) most robust and full-featured productivity apps on the market.
  2. Forest.
  3. Things.
  4. Any.Do.
  5. PocketLife Calendar.
  6. Asana.
  7. ToDoist.
  8. Calendars 5.

Which app is best to download?

10 Best Android Download Manager Apps (2019)

  • Download Accelerator Plus.
  • Loader Droid.
  • Download Manager for Android.
  • Fast Download Manager.
  • Download Manager.
  • GetThemAll.
  • Downloader & Private Browser.
  • IDM Download Manager.

How do you make a simple life hack at home?

50 Easy DIY Home Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

  1. Unclog a stuck drain with coffee.
  2. Or use coffee grounds as a degreaser.
  3. Use essential oils to polish furniture.
  4. Or remove small scratches on furniture with toothpaste.
  5. Remove candle wax from furniture with ice cubes.
  6. And get it out of the carpet with a steam iron.