What are some questions to ask about Romeo and Juliet?

What are some questions to ask about Romeo and Juliet?

Examination Questions on Romeo and Juliet

  • What is the dramatic function of Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech?
  • Why the disagreements of the Servingmen?
  • What has been accomplished in Act I?
  • What is the dramatic purpose of Romeo’s witticisms in 2.1?
  • What is the dramatic purpose of Friar Laurence’s first soliloquy?

What is the main theme of Romeo and Juliet?

Love is naturally the play’s dominant and most important theme. The play focuses on romantic love, specifically the intense passion that springs up at first sight between Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet, love is a violent, ecstatic, overpowering force that supersedes all other values, loyalties, and emotions.

How does Romeo glorify Juliet’s flawless beauty?

Expert Answers Romeo glorifies Juliet’s beauty by comparing her appearance to objects and abstract concepts observable in nature. In his soliloquy in act 1, scene 5, Romeo compares Juliet to fire light, a star or a planet in the night sky, and a dove in a flock of crows.

Why do we still study Romeo and Juliet?

We still study the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare because sadly the human frailties and errors of judgement are still evident in our societies and we can still learn from the works of Shakespeare.

What are secrets in Romeo and Juliet?

A kidnapping and a much younger Juliet: 14 behind-the-scenes secrets from Romeo and Juliet. A hairdresser was kidnapped. Aldo Signoretti is a big-deal Hollywood hairstylist with three Oscars and a lot of big name titles to his name, including Romeo and Juliet. Natalie Portman was originally cast as Juliet. At just 13 years old, Natalie Portman was cast to play Juliet Capulet. DiCaprio didn’t care for Shakespeare.

What is Romeo comparing Juliet to?

Romeo’s metaphor comparing Juliet to a holy shrine suggests that his love for Juliet is rooted in spirituality and is divine, which contrasts with his shallow infatuation for Rosaline.

How did Romeo meet Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet meet at the ball held by Lord Capulet at his home. Because both of them are wearing masks, they do not know that they are from rival families. Romeo sees her from across the room and is immediately smitten: