What are some good trap songs?

What are some good trap songs?

50 legendary trap songs of all time (Part 1)

  • Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)
  • Hucci & Stööki Sound – Ball So Hard.
  • Mayhem & Antiserum – Hustle.
  • RL Grime & What So Not – Tell Me.
  • Gent & Jawns – Turn Up.
  • LOUDPVCK, GLADIATOR ft. Nipsey Hussle – Tony.
  • Bro Safari – The Drop.
  • Troyboi – O.G.

Who is the best trapper ever?

My Top 10 Trappers

  • T.I. TI’s production is at the top of the game, and I just love the way he pretty much pioneered the gene with Jeezy.
  • ( Young) Jeezy.
  • A$ap Ferg. Ferg is one modern day rapper I have really gotten behind.
  • YG.
  • Post Malone.
  • Travis Scott.
  • Juicy J.
  • Wiz khalifa.

What are the best trap remixes?

Remix 2021 – Best Trap Remixes of Popular Songs 2021

  • Paper ThinILLENIUM, Tom DeLonge, Angels & Airwaves.
  • AnxiousNeovaii.
  • LuciferHopex.
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreamsxo sad.
  • Dead Or AliveStileto, Madalen Duke.
  • OMGOnderkoffer, M.I.M.E.
  • The Art of LoveLit Lords.
  • SKYWALKER – P.A.F.F. RemixP.A.F.F., Hucci, Truvian Grey.

What type of music is flosstradamus?

Electronic dance music

Is Post Malone a trap artist?

Malone has gained acclaim for blending a range of genres including hip hop, R&B, pop, trap, rap rock, and cloud rap….

Post Malone
Awards Full list
Musical career
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Pop hip hop R&B trap

What is the meaning of Trap songs?

(also trap) a type of rap music (= popular music in which the words are spoken rather than sung) that comes originally from the southern United States: Trap music is a style of hip-hop that sprung out of the southern rap scene in the 1990s. Trap music is typified by its multilayered and percussive sound.

Why did Flosstradamus break up?

That he needed a break. That he couldn’t maintain the pace he’d been keeping for the last 12 years as Flosstradamus, the electronic duo launched more than a decade ago with fellow Chicago producer Josh Young. Then, in 2016, Young left Flosstradamus, leaving Cameruci to continue the project on his own.

Is Flosstradamus single?

Cameruci is also known as Autobot and Young is also known as J2K and YehMe2. Flosstradamus is known for being one of the early pioneers of the trap genre, made popular by their remix of Major Lazer’s hit single “Original Don”….

Past members Josh Young

Was Post Malone poor?

Yes, at one point Post Malone was poor. The artist makes big money now but there was a time, particularly right before he became famous, where he was really struggling financially. In fact, his beginning interests in music didn’t pay off financially and Post couldn’t afford things like rent and cigarettes.